Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Still on the EX issue.

Now, I'm going to still talk about exes today too cos there are certain things I need to clarify about this issue once and for all. The question here is, do you think dating an EX is wise? What exactly led to the break up initially?

Dating an EX to me is like going back to eat up your vomit. I once tried that and believe me we didn't last 3 weeks. We thought it would all be rosy like when we initially dated but mehn, it was more of torture and nothing like before, so we called it quits amicably.

Yes it's true that some people don't know exactly what they have until they loose it. Then they'll want to dance "SHOKI" back into your life begging and winning about how sorry they were for loosing you at the first place and how they'll want you back into their lives. Will you accept him/her back?

Like I said in yesterdays post, letting go can't be done within a blink of an eye, the memories linger, this may lure some-people back into their exes waiting arms, but seriously is that the only choice you've got?

What if your ex cheated or bullied/hit you when you guyz were dating and later broke up, when he/she comes back with that sweet smile of his/her begging and showering you with gifts will you go take them back?

What about that EX who broke up with you for no just cause. He/She just said they needed space and that was it. You cried your eyes out, got thin or fat during that period, tried to get over him/her, then he/she comes back kneeling that he/she wants you back, will you give in to them?

Now listen, if you guyz were meant to be together do you think you would have broken up no matter what?
This question is excluding the beaters and cheaters. Those ones sef, you need to date yourselves. Don't put someone else's child into that kind of trauma.

Now, let's chat biko. If you EX comes back begging, will you take him/her back? When he/she promises to change will you give it a shot? Is dating an EX advisable? And lastly, is being friends with an EX ok especially when it's in detriment of your current relationship?(that's if your EX is hating on your current and trying to drive a divide between both of you. Will you still maintain that friendship? ) Let's talk.


  1. dating an ex again is not advisable but been friends is ok if its not detrimental to ur current relationship.

  2. What did you call it, an "Ex" which means that he no longer exist in my life so why take him bk?
    God forbid bad thing

    And hell no, I wl never maintain ny friendship with any ex

  3. Replies
    1. Ok am back

      I don't wish to go back to an EX. . E no make sense to me. Some EX have tried to get back to me but I would rather be single than be with them cos when I tried to make it work, they just dint care!!!!

      After they would have gone to chk other girls out, they will now appreciate you better and try to crawl back to your life shoir

  4. To be honest with you , I do not think it's advisable to take your ex back - it depends sha. Depends on what led to the break up and if you can make it work second time

  5. No way I'm taking any ex back. We broke up for a reason

  6. Its not wise being friends with your ex especially if you are already in another relationship. It can be. Very distracting. Not all relationship is altar bound.

  7. Works for some, does not work for some.... Different strokes for different folks. I'm sure there are loads out there who went 'back to their vomit' and it actually worked out.....
    Dig Deep and Challenge Yourself .............

  8. No way, have you discovered that after a break up,you will discover some nasty thing about your ex and you will be like wtf! Did I actually date you?
    Yeah, we can be friends but not as close but casual friends,I actually like being friends with my ex, nothing attached

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