Thursday, 16 April 2015

TaNtRuM tHuRsDaY!!!

Thursday is here again. Another day we package our grievances, anger and all the negatives and let off steam by saying it out loud. Fact is, I'm grateful for life and being hale and hearty.

So, what happened during the week? Hmmmmmmm, my phone decided the perfect time to go blank was now, that fone no get mind at all. Didn't even give a sign oo, it just went off just like that. This happened on tuesday while going to work. I took it to computer village for repairs, the guy tried shaa and later said "Sister, its better you get yourself a new phone cos this one don puff". So here I am, managing a palasa phone that has its own psychological problems. #sobs. Its well oo. Sometimes I feel I can hear it laughing at me when it hangs.

On another matter, I don't know if its only in my area or what, but the heat wave here na die. The sun is so scorching I can boil beans outside with it. And the heat ehn!!, I wake up to find myself in a pool of sweat. Phcn abi Nepa aren't helping at all. We now have two days offday and two hours on the third day. Na light be that?
All I have to say is Diaris God oo. God is watching you all (in mama peace voice).
So what's yours? Vent it out here.


  1. Hiya mami.....Hmmmmm....I got a lot to rant bout much...for starters, I woke up some hours ago and noticed that my dog decided to act out prison break in my house. He broke out of his house and found his way to the living room and ate.....I mean he CHEWED the damn remote control!!!!!!....I mean, he is so tiny that if I chose to break him into bits, I may break my hand....**sigh** Nonetheless, I am still happy tho' cuz even tho' I will probably remove all his teeth, he is an adorable cutie and he makes me happy...(buh I am still gonna take out those

  2. lol @ your phone's story.

    Ermm, no be lie oo. The heat these days is just too much, sometimes I just want to remove my clothes and walk naked

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  3. Yes the heat wave is massive, so I feel you on that! How is your week going hope great!

  4. I am supposed to write 4 exams dis week(within 4 days) am not feeling fine, I went to d doctor and he just packed pills for me without any test at all

  5. Wo Pam, I dint bother to read yours. Right now, am tryna set my hair so after rolling it imagine the woman's drier refused to work!!! So she had to switch to hand drier. Am not finding it funny at all cos am sure she knows the drier ain't working and she still made me roll my hair.

    Am very angry right now cos it's late

    Ok will read yours now

  6. Ahahahahaha you must have done your phone strong thing so it's payback time yayyyyyyy

    You berra goan change it ASAP

    Sorry about the heat cos me no dey feel am oooo

  7. Hahahahahahah! I was complaining to my cleaner thatbthere is no money this afternoon that the way my phone been dey bring since morning u go think say alert,few minutes later a friend oo,kinda old friend called me to check my inbox she sent me a message, in the message she wrote kindly lend me 70k, I used my boss money to add up with the lil I have ,for my brother travelling process. I no even cut mouth I sent sharperly, biko I cannot help you.i do bad?

  8. Hahahhaha. @bola u no do bad at all oo, u talk am as e be. Y do u tink dat I'm angry dat my fone spoilt at d wrong time. Mtchww.
    @chinco bee, its not fair to laff at a sis in pains. Lolz.

  9. So many things to rant about o but what's vexing me now is that NEPA plus PHCN are on a mission to destroy my 2by2 black n white tv that am using to see the world. Cos nothind else can explain these off n on they are doing. Plus the Chibok girls is it remembrance they celebrated or anniversary biko somebody educate me.

  10. Chai, Mine is mosquitoes. These small ants are so wonderful, they will not allow you to sleep including the heat. I don vex tire.


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