Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Drunk Experience.

In life, we are born naked, blind to the world, frail and clueless. As we grow, our list of  "firsts" grow. First word, first tentative steps, first day in school etc. (I cried on my first day in school, dunno about you guys ooo. Sweet and the promise of biscuit couldn't stop the wails from my lips).

Age and time and we grew up from babies to teenagers. As a girl, I understood the "blessings" of being a female. From me, life comes forth. My first day of "being a woman". I was scared and ashamed. Was this what mum warned me about talking to guys? Was I pregnant? Now I know better(smiles).

Most of us have either tasted alcohol one time or another. Some have been so fortunate to have been tipsy and drunk. We all drink for many reasons, some drown their worry and sorrow in the bottle, some drink when happy and in a euphoric mood. I have heard someone say he drinks cos it's fashionable. Kwa!

My first drunk experience was one helluva night. Prior to then, I thought I could never get drunk. I was made to pay for my nonchalance.....And over confidence.

It was a weekend and a friend invited us for a sit out. I was bored that day and decided to go "catch some fun". Like say the guy plan us well. Na so so drink and pepper soup dey enter, I never finish the last bottle and another one go appear. Na magic? At a time, we started competing on who would get drunk first. I forgot that I was a girl then as I joined in the competition, it was fun though, but that's one of the disadvantages of having male friends, cos they utterly forget that you are a girl, and they'll start seeing you as a guy. You gat to be strong girl, that's all they'll say. But the best thing of being their friend is that you are protected. They'll protect you from any and every.

During the course of drinking, I had this sudden impulse to go pee and that's when I knew how drunk I was. As I stood, everything started swirling. I had to hold the table for support. My female friend must have noticed cos she asked me,"you okay"? As calmly as I could reply, I said "YES", while I wasn't. Na so I form dey do like say I dey dance manage go reach the ladies. Looking back, I smile, then, it wasn't a laughing matter at all. I was literally "drunk".

With wobbling legs and a swooning head, how I made it from the loo back to the table was a miracle by itself. I was smiling and grinning sheepishly at everything. Every word was laughable, a permanent smirk on my face. When drunk, it's really hard to stay still. I wasn't the only one that felt that way, a couple of us were also drunk.To say that I lost the bet was an understatement. (Lesson learnt, never drink if you have a chicken brain).

Finally, it was time to go home, I couldn't control my steps, I was literally guided to the car. When I got to my house, I threw up, spoilt my phone. Ohh, I don't want to remember that day. I had the worst hangover ever, and I had to go to work the next day too. Bad condition and decision making. (Lesson learnt, never get drunk when you are going to work the next day). After that day, whenever I hear, "come and drink", I flee like the speed of light. I cant'nt fit shout biko. Somepeople may not be able to remember what they did or say when drunk, but I'm blessed enough to remember EVERYTHING. Lolz.
Do you have any experience? Kindly share with the house. #winks.

Please oo, don't drink with people you don't know, or not comfortable with. If you should, just drink light. People can be bad oo.

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  1. Ahahahahahahahaha Pammmmmm

    Well mine was not too dramatic. Everyone though I was drunk but I kept trying to proof them wrong that I wasn't. Infact I went as far as listing the courses I offered that semester. It was crazy tho....

  2. Hahahahaha....getting tipsy can be so sexy...
    I haven't been drunk before but have been tipsy on a few occasions and I loved the feeling

  3. Lool I'm a lighthead so I know my limit. I only go as far as getting tipsy


  4. lol of laugh this kind of woman is not good for house wife neither for friendship cos she will cause you alot of pain and headache


  5. I know that feeling Pam...getting high and tipsy is fun but the hangover that comes after it, is torture mehn.

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  6. I remember in my second year, when i first got drunk during during the matriculation ceremony. The moments I could even recall was so funny and messy. It took for heavy guys time to pin me down.

    In the morning, the hangover was excess, so hungry and was just looking things with eye alone.

  7. I don't drink ,e en if I take a sip I be one tipsy, so I don't dare. Beside I can't stand the strong liquor



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