Wednesday, 22 April 2015

XENOPHOBIA: an excuse of a lazy man.

A wonderful Wednesday to all you my lovely Pamscribers. For today's post, we are gonna talk about Xenophobia/Xenophobic attacks meted by South Africans to foreigners.

I never knew what the word "Xenophobia or Xenophobic" meant until these past days (make I no lie na, na village model high school I go, pity me, Lolz). My dictionary said Xenophobia means, "fear of foreigners" gbam! Is it the same South Africa that the Dutch made a home for themselves? Why only blacks? In all the reports I have read, not for once did I see a "white" person being violated or abused, only blacks.

When did the fear of other "blacks" and foreigners start? As I am writing this, I'm highly provoked, vexed and am sparked. The same South Africa that was a poster child for apartheid, that Nigeria and other African countries helped? I never knew until this crisis that being an African and being a South African are two "Africans". Isn't South Africa in Africa again?

WHAT'S THAT TALK ABOUT THE FEAR OF FOREIGNERS, AND THE ANGER ABOUT THEM TAKING OVER THEIR JOBS? So do they want to tell me that no South-African has anything doing? They just sit around doing nothing cos there are no jobs for them or are they just being lazy? So the only solution they have is to fight their fellow blacks? Gosh, this is crazy.

In Nigeria, we have the most porous security, you can walk the streets of anywhere without fear of being asked where you are from. The "whites" are even treated as gods here. No wonder, polls have testified Nigeria as the free-est place to live. Are Nigerians afraid of foreigners? No. We welcome them, give them our homes while we sleep outside, give them our jobs and walk the streets unemployed. Do we hate? No. Saw a job vacancy the other day requiring an expatriate. So, does it mean that no Nigerian can do the job?  Apart from all these, we still go out to work our ass out. We still hustle to make a living.

How many companies do South Africans own in this country? Can mention a few, MTN and Shoprite. Nigeria is the proverbial golden goose. The monies made alone by MTN is staggering (my calculator can spoil). Prior to other telecom companies in Naija, MTN was a monopoly. My friend bought her MTN line then 28thousand naira!!! Would and did/can that happen anywhere else?

I read the threat the telecom giant MTN issued in Edo state few days ago, that as many as 60 thousand would be affected if it closes it doors in Nigeria. As the host country, we do all to give them an enabling/peaceful environment to work in. Don't bite the finger that feeds you. South Africa and South Africans that are wearing the "Xenophobia" like a coat of many colors, remember, "karma is a bitch" (Yes, I used the B word cos I'm vexed). Stop the killing, mauling and looting, we are all one, not just by skin color. Let's unify in diversity. Remember, we are all foreigners somewhere especially in this world. WE ARE ALL AFRICANS. I don talk my own oooo.


  1. Its really an excuse made by a lazy man... Well spoken(written) hope this issue die down soon

  2. Mostly of these xenophobia are the uneducated and jobless morons among the people in South Africa. Their thinking is shallow, at thus age and stage they are fighting foreigners, the land they are fighting for,does it belong to them?smh, Karma will catch up with them,soonest

  3. don't mind this south africans..they just been lazy to work and when outsiders come to boost their economy they get jealous and angry..they need to taste a little bit of their own medicine by been out of business for a while then they will understand ..nigerians will always rise again.

  4. The funny thing is I don't see anyone maiming the white foreigners o, abi do they not have businesses in SA too?
    The world will always have ignorant violent people, wish it wasn't so but it is.
    Hiya pammie.

  5. Pam u said it all they are just lazy and wicked.

  6. Pam me sef no sabi the meaning till now...

    Back to the marra, no mind them, na laziness dey do them. You know say we naija peepz, we be hustlers and we are ready to do all manners of dirty jobs just to make money but them go dey select aspa say na their country. Bunch of illiterates

  7. Exactly pam,well said...Lazy SA people,they seem to have forgotten their history too quickly. They are innately jealous of hardworking Nigeria,its not in our nature to be lazy n they cant seem to fathom why we thrive so much...God help us.


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