Monday, 20 April 2015

Bullying amongst us.

Happy Monday Pamscribers, the week has turned full circle and we are here again. How was your weekend? Monday, as the first working day of the week brings about a new drive, expectation, exuberance and hope, that soon, payday will arrive ( I dey count day joor, aint you?).

A while back, I went to buy airtime, on getting there, I met two girls, the oldest was like seven or eight years, while the other was little over two years. The oldest was trying to pacify the youngest to eat and as kids, she refused. The spank/slap that followed even had me pause like say na remote dem use hold me. It was like electric shock.
Just as I was about to ask why the slap, the oldest saw the mum coming and begged the little girl to stop crying, cos "mum is coming", but nada, the little girl wailed louder. Short story long, the mum came and saw her daughter in a pool of tears and the eldest denied beating her, only for the mum to check the back and saw "hand printed" back which had already turned red. Their mum gave the eldest a whooping slap as I walked away.

Each of us have either been a victim of bullying or been the bully at one time or the other (I don't want to start telling you all my own experiences). Bullying in the world is as old as time. The strongest bullying the weak and the smartest bullying the dumb, naive or stupid. Mind you, bullying is not physical alone, you can bully someone verbally too.

Heard on the news that in America, a couple of months ago, a kid committed suicide cos he couldn't take the taunts and bullying again. To him, suicide was the "only and best" option. That's a coward's way out. If we all were to commit suicide due to bullying, not sure the population would be as high as it is now.

I remember hearing a father tell his son that he shouldn't come home crying that anyone took his lunch or beat him without him fighting back. Was that really the best answer to a bullied child? #lipssealed. Most attimes, we think bullying happens only in schools. Wrong!. Offices, churches, mosques and everywhere.

Some fight back, while others cower under. A new staff in an office would be intimidated to believe that as the newest, certain things should be your responsibility. Like, getting tea/coffee for the rest, coming in earliest, leaving last. This form of bullying happens everyday and most of us laugh about it.

If you have been bullied before, you know the pain and anguish you go through. It affects you psychologically. The bullying in Lagos by these "agberos" is something else. A driver is made to pay for every bus-stop he stops, whether he carries a passenger or not. Saw once as the conductor stood his ground and after all the IGG (initial gra gra), he didn't pay a dime to them.

Enough is enough, parents, guardians, family and friends should do their best to eradicate/minimize the scourge of bully. But waitoo, what do you think should be the permanent cure for bully. Lets gist biko.

N/B: No face of the week today, no pictures came in. I dey watch and wait. Cheers.


  1. I think the only way to avoid been bullied is to take your stand.

  2. For me, I think verbal bullying is worse that physical bullying; it has a way of draining you self esteem. I have been through it while growing up but I am stronger now.

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  3. Can bullying really stop? I don't think so

  4. Yeah Pam, u're right. In offices, in the street, in the compound, even in churches, can u bliv dat? D elder pastors bully d junior pastors. I know of a church where d senior pastor does not give d junior pastors any chance at all to preach. Even when he is away, its his wife that would take over. This bullying thing has to stop.

  5. Haha @ James evidence
    when I was growing up my younger sisters bullied me, I too fear but now no one fit try parents tried to stop them but for where!

  6. Bullying can never be eradicated in this world. In offices,one's neighbourhood,especially when you have a small stature,u tend to be bullied by those on the big size despite the fact that you may be older, its that bad
    May God help us all


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