Saturday, 18 April 2015

Blind date.

A lot of people are indulging in blind dates of recent time. You meet someone on social media, you guyz get chatty and then hit it off, next thing you want to meet. You guyz fix a meeting point, and then gbam, it's a date, but isn't that called a blind date?

Yes pictures are indeed deceiving to the eyes. You saw something else in the picture but when you meet the person in real life you either get disappointed or impressed. I read about a guy who beat his blind date black and blue cos she looked nothing like what he saw in the picture she shared with him.

A course-mate of mine back then in school said she dodged from her blind date cos he looked nothing like what he described (there was no picture description). They actually got chatty after a wrong number incident, and guy man loved her voice so he called back and that was it. My babe was in love with the supposed tall, dark and handsome dude she always talked to on the phone. Their communication was restricted to just calls cos she didn't have a phone that browsed as at then.

So imagine her shock when he finally came to meet her in school, she saw him from afar after he described what he was putting on and the building where he was standing. She bolted and switched off her phone. According to her, he was short instead of tall and really dark, nothing about him fit into the description he initially gave her. She couldn't meet him so the only thought that came to her mind was to "run", and that she did.. How cowardly of her right. Lolz.

Some-people on the other hand are quite lucky to meet their prince charming through this means, while others like my course-mate aint. I think that it all depends on what you want. So you see whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage, so blind date wisely and be careful of where you meet. Insist on meeting in an open place biko, to avoid stories that touch the bone-marrow. Remember, all that glitters aint gold.
Do you hav any experience? Do share.

****Serious sleep dey catch me here, but I gat to work so that pepper go rest this month. Mtchwww. I seriously miss my childhood days, when I don't even think about working, just sleep, eat, sleep again. I wonder how I passed my exams cos I can't remember studying at all when I was really young. Lolz. Cheers and do have a lovely weekend.


  1. I' v been following your blog since you started.I must say I like your writing.I like that you stuck to your own format. I like that o could read news somewhere else and still cone here cos I want to read something different. I hate commenting but I had to do it to encourage you cos you' re good. U actually keep me entertained. I look forward tolerating about your funny write ups.keep it up and stay true to yourself.

  2. Awww. tks dear, really appreciate. e-hugs

  3. Blind dates? Hmmmm well mine has been worth it.

    Ok I remember one though from his pictures I could tell how he looks but we have been longgggg time chat mates right from FB so his looks didn't matter cos he is really a good and encouraging person!!!

    Pam how your weekend dey roll?

    1. My sister, i dey office oo, sleep dey catch me oo.

  4. Blind dates!! Its fun until u get to meet the pers.some actually turned out to be the prince charming if u re lucky. In my own case I hid myself and when I saw the guy was actually a dude I showed up lolz. #Funnymemories

  5. I did lot of blind dates sha,Choi, I try small. Experience so far, some I will be like gosh, so this is the person I have been talking to? I am still surprise that my husband bis not one of my blind dates, lolz


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