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My Path, MY HELL. PT 2

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The first time I smoked "weed" was in JSS3 at a party during one of our escapades (my first escapade) outside the school compound. I felt like I was going to die and had the worst headache ever. Beulah and her clique had a deal (bribe) with one of the security guards that guards hostel E block. There was a shaky part of the fence which the school authorities had not noticed yet. 

He does help in removing few part of blocks so that they will fit in and sneak out, while he covers it back so no one notices. When they get to the other side of the the fence, they'll change into beautiful sexy clothes and then get into a standby car waiting nearby, which will convey them to wherever they intend to go to that night. Arrangements were always made prior to each outing.
I had finally succeeded in being friends with Beulah for three years, though I was termed a "silent" friend cos I was the most intelligent of them all. We were five friends and they only needed me as their friend cos I was the bookworm and did all the assignments.

The first time I cheated during a test, I almost had a heart-attack. Five of us sat close to each other, and since I was the only one that read cos as usual they went partying the night before, I was supposed to write quickly and then pass my script to them. From then on, that was how we "rolled".

After three years of being their puppet, I was tired of it, and made up my mind to confront Beulah about it. I should be either in the group or out. I either join them in their escapades or I quit being their friend. I couldn't keep doing all the hard work while they had all the fun. 

Beulah sat back and stared blankly while I ranted and raved. Prisca, one of our "friends" was expelled a few days before because she was caught doing the lesbian act with another girl.   

Beulah was really disappointed in her for being careless and with the look on her face, she really wasn't in the mood for my rant but I didn't care. She must hear me out.

"I'm sorry Beulah, I'm quitting this group" I angrily concluded.
"Are you sure that's what you want?" Beulah asked.
"Yes" I replied angrily.
"Helen, I'm just trying to protect you from all the dangers of this game and behind these walls. You are too timid and not ready. So are you really sure you want to take all that risk?"

I answered in the positive, what's life without risks right? In my little naive and stupid mind, I wanted to really belong and be noticed in the group, so I didn't fail to include that cos I knew they needed me since I was the most intelligent one amongst them. Beulah agreed and told me to be ready for Saturday night. That was when I'll be fully initiated into the group. I agreed.

Come Saturday night, at exactly 40 minutes past lights out and midnight, I arranged my bed in a figure-like shape, which Beulah thought me. With my heart in my mouth, I snuck out of my hostel room and thanks to no guard lurking around, I ran as fast as my shaky legs could carry me to the back of block E. 

The good side of my conscience was begging me to go back and stop all the stupid acts, I almost gave in, but the wicked side told me to jump into the beautiful world of pleasure which I was about to discover.  I was enticed into it. 

On getting to the back, I saw Beulah in a compromising position with our "guard". She was kneeling infront of him with his genitals in her mouth and whatever she was doing to him was making him moan quietly. Ego and Tessy arrived and cut short the disgusting act while we left the compound through our secret escape place.

I later found out that what she was doing to him was called "giving him head". I didn't understand what that was. I waved it off as I excitedly put on the shortest beautiful cloth I had ever seen, behind the school wall,  while grinning from ear to ear.

Fast-forward to my SS3, I was already a full blown member of the viking girls club, had a bad-ass as a boyfriend, had three abortions, my first being in JSS3 after I was asked to sleep with a guy as part of my initiation process. I was naive then and the guy that was to "do me" was a full blown adult. It was so painful, I bled and cried a lot. Unfortunately for me, I missed my monthly flow, so when I informed Beulah, she smiled and told me to get ready.

That weekend we didn't go to the usual party rather she took me to a doctor who ran a pregnancy test on me which confirmed me being pregnant. I was to undergo a D and C, but he insisted he must have sex with me before the operation. I was just 15 years old though busty and more matured than my age. 

Beulah agreed to it and urged me to do as he said. I cried as the doctor was pounding on me, going in and out like a dog on heat, in and out of me. I wept.

After the abortion process, I felt the greatest pain in my life. A pain more than that of the scorpion sting back then in the village. I bled for days and then developed a fever. Couldn't even see my dad during the visiting day. 

Beulah went ahead to welcome him, and told him I was down with malaria, which explains my not seeing him. Since males weren't allowed to come into the hostel, dad gave her the home made cooking and the extra provisions mum sent across, also pocket money for anything I wanted to buy. 

Beulah told me he was close to tears while leaving the school premises. I wept seriously that night and wondered why I ended up that way. Beulah was with me all through the night, consoling me and telling me that everything will be alright. But alas, that was only the beginning of my woes.

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  1. suspense filled, but pams this episode too short now

  2. Smh

    Yeye girl.....Beulah only assisted her cos she asked for it!!!

  3. Pammie, u tried in this one very well. This is a literal masterpiece. Kudos to u.

  4. The suspense nor be here o.

  5. Expecting the third part

  6. Bad company, chai this Beulah land na bad friend lah
    This is an interesting read, it reminds me if Secondary school days


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