Saturday, 25 April 2015


Happy Saturday and how was your Friday night? How una see the rain? Hope you all enjoyed the rain last night? E try oo, at least the room try cool small, na the mosquitoes wey sing National Anthem for my ear and use my body do fertile ground I vex for. God is watching. Lolz.

Days ago, I got into a conversation with a dear friend of mine, the subject then changed to sex. She confided that her sex life has been reduced mostly due to her hubby's new infuriating  "one minute" mannerisms. At first, she thought  it was a phase that will pass soon, but it persisted, it's now six months, and it's very frustrating for her. I could understand her plight and that of other ladies out there on this issue, especially if they are on the high libido side, staying with a "one minute" guy isn't easy.
To the guy, it can be very embarrassing and humiliating, as it often deflates his ego. The lady is the worst off, she is left high and dry (lol), especially, when she is riding high on the feeling for the guy to cum so early. I asked a few male friends and some admitted to having a "one minute" day.  It happens, one said, it's psychological. 

Whatever the reason, men, if your not doing it right with her, be careful, lest she gets it somewhere else. If it needs medication or nutrition, please do it. Infact, let me give you some tips that will help you out. #winks.

  •  Biko, try to eat right. Don't gulp down anything and everything you see, be most careful of sugary stuffs, they are most enticing but really dangerous to your sexual life. Flee from it entirely.
  • Do more of fore-play, you may end up getting your lady so high on excitement during fore-play that she may not even notice you have gone in and out quickly.
  • A male friend of mine told me about a tip that helped him. He usually distracts himself while on it. Most times he counts from 1-100 and back, this will distract him and make him forget to cum early. Then when he's sure the lady has had her fill, he let's himself loose. Lol.
Remember, a woman will kill or make your libido, so choose wisely.  And for the ladies, if he is a "fast shooter", help him as much as you can #sideeyes.
Hahahaha, please friends, sorry if I derailed.  For the prudes in the house, my apologies.  Have a lovely Saturday and don't forget to add yours too in the comment section.. Kisses.

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  1. lol.....nw pams don add sex therapist join, ok ooo, but it absurd how all this sex talk that can actually help are less talked about because of societal hypocrisy.

  2. Well well, we learn something new daily. Thanks for sharing, and nice weekend!

  3. This one minute thing is a serious issue, my friend(guy) says he is scared of getting married because of that(he believe sex with the same person for too long kills vibe). And the rain spoilt my street's light since yesterday.

    1. I think sex with the same woman should last longer than the first few times.

      Your friend should stop complaining and work on it. Get him to see a doctor or get supplements for him. Improve his diet, i'm sure she'll find foods that would help online and ofcourse, pray.

  4. Hmmmn, what are you teaching us today, teach us how to help a fast shooter, Ms pam

  5. hmmmmmmmm. Just Passing By........

  6. This is one serious issue that is being ignored, when raised, being shy and timid makes people not to talk about it.

    I remember when I first had sex in my third year, hmmmmmmmm. I hated myself cos after reading alot of books and seeing myself not lasting upto a minute mmmmm?????

    To cut it short the guy should work on himself and figure out how it actually works. For me except for medical cases, it lies solely on experience. Also communication with your partner will also go a long way to make you last longer.

    Let me stop here.....

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    I love all the points you've made.

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