Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

I really have nothing to rant about today. The election was peaceful all thanks to God. NEPA has been good to us so far, Yippy. The campaigns are over, now I can get to watch my favorite televista programe, (sideying Chinco bee). No conductor took my change, I didn't fall from a bus. That's good, right? Though, there's something that's bothering me a bit. My pageviews are reducing. Wetin happen? Is there something I'm not doing right? Am I boring you with my posts? Have I deviated from what I was doing initially? Is there something you want me to do that I'm not doing? Abeg let me know. Indicate in the comment section what you feel I'm not doing right and how you want me to spice it up, or you can even send me a mail to . Don't forget to throw your tantrums too. Cheers dearies.


  1. I always look forward to your daily post. As for me, u are doing an excellent job, carry go , nothing do u.
    I've got no rants today. I am just grateful to God for the gift of life, sound health,my family and friends
    Moreover when there is life,there is hope

  2. lol @No conductor took my change, I didn't fall from a bus.

    No rant for me today jare...its my birthday month so just trying to make myself happy in the midst of some many challenges. God help us all.

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  3. Oh well! First time here
    Thank God for a peaceful election. The only thing is Nepa has refused to bring light here and I decided to sleep until my yeye friend called me, I couldn't sleep again.

  4. Hahahahahahaahahha Pammy, you and this your change ooooo. Today I go rant well well - you pay someone to do something and he does not deliver - our kitchen was falling apart and it is still falling apart, and last month we found someone to fix it. Can you imagine that he hasn't done half the job - he talks more than he works, lazy man

    1. Pele that's the way they are,Shakara him with police station or lawyer he will do your job.
      I have no rant, I feel joy ever since APC won,joy is overflowing in my heart. I know of a truth God never fails.

      As per the page view, na suru u go get, visit new blogs more than old blogs they won't return your kind gestures. And don't forget your Facebook people, use all ur social media to bring traffic on this blog.

  5. No tantrum today

    Just thanking God for another beautiful year.its been God all the way!!!!!!

  6. Your doing a great job dear...I have nothing to rant about.

  7. Take your eyes away from the page views and just keep doing a nice job..

  8. Take your eyes away ke? Abeg a certain satisfaction comes with the knowledge that an increasing number of people are viewing your blog....I should know! Hi Pam, no rant.

  9. I was worried sick. @ happend last almost made me to stop posting...
    Buh guess wat happened?i continued,blog trolledd and dropped my blog adress, in a week I got extra 872 page views...just relax ok?


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