Monday, 13 April 2015

Pammie's Crib Face of the Week.

#Dancing skelewu, skelewu, skelelelelelewu. Hahahaha. (Grabs mike) Hiya Pamscribers/Pamites/Crib mates, ehm add yours (lolz), welcome once again to another Monday of Pammie's Crib face of the week. Ohh, I always look forward to this beautiful day and the excitement that follows.#still dancing. Anywayz, I hereby introduce to you our pweety face of the week, none other person than Catwalk with Pat. hehehehe.

Okay, I will just tell you about myself and forget about other things that are attached to me biko.
I am Patience Onyinyechi Nwabueze but alotta people call me Pat...I like to think I am a diva so I call myself divaPAT.
I am the first of 3 girls, I really don't know what it feels like having a brother.
I hardly keep friends and the little I have are guys.
I talk to myself more than I talk to any other people.

I am neither an introvert nor extrovert, I am just in between.
I enjoy public speaking and acting...they give me so much joy.
I am a very good singer only in my head.
Do I need to mention my love for fashion and style?? Of all fashion items, I love shoes more.


And yes! I am single. (did you hear that? S.I.N.G.L.E)

                                      biko just stare a lot at the lovely face not the other one ooo

Pam dearie, thank you for giving me the privilege to grace your awesome blog, I feel honoured. I always wonder how you go about this; you know, always coming up with 'making sense' topics...your head go dey hot oo. Lol. God bless you with more wisdom nne. (awww. Thanks dear. Na Baba God sure pass.)

This is thanking you for gracing us with your beautiful face. God bless you richly dearie. Oya, show her some love. She is a fellow blogger. Check out her blog here.

NOTE: Biko, tomorrow is GUEST-POST Tuesday. I'm expecting your mails. Cheers people.


  1. "biko just stare a lot the lovely face not the other one ooo" hehehehe...that had me in stitches...yeye girl!

    Thanks for the feature, lemme goan tell everyone I know oo **shines teeth**

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyy

    Catwalk with PAT

    I sight you jare!!!!

  3. *stares hard at the other one* lol. Hello Pat!

    Molola's Blog

  4. hmmmm...nice one

  5. Issokay, pat we don see you.
    BTW I love your eyebrow come and teach me nah

  6. Beautiful! Loving your denim shirt

  7. So this is the face behind catwalk with pat? pretty girl

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Wow Pat! You are looking real good, keep on shining.


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