Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lies and hidden facts.

 Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!
If you haven't lied ever before in your life raise your hands up? (looks around). I'm yet to see a person who haven't lied ever in his/her life. 

For example, you are meant to meet someone somewhere but when the person calls you, you say "I'm on your way" whilst still at home. All thanks to the phone, people can now lie for Africa. Biko, that's by the way,  I'm just going to base this case on lies in relationships.
Do you know what kills trust most especially in relationships, LIES.
Ok, let's flow.

You are in a relationship and both of you agreed on keeping no table unturned cos good communication keeps a relationship going. You love sharing and talking about every and anything, but along the line, you start seeing signs and one way or another you notice that your partner has started lying to you or more or less, keeping certain things from you.

At first it was little things that doesn't make sense, you let it slide. But it graduated to really important things which in the past you both really talked about. You get mad, he/she begged, you forgave and let go. He/she does it again, you get really mad, threatened breakup, he/she begged, you really love this guy/babe, you forgave. He/she does it again and again. By then you begin to really think, for how long will you put up with all these. Then doubts sets in and you ask yourself if you think you can still trust him or her again?

It's really heartbreaking when your loved ones lie to you or hides really important details from you continuously. This may lead to gradual lose of trust and interest in that person which is really bad for the future of that relationship. Every word that comes out of the person's mouth now breaths lies even though you try to believe him/her or convince yourself that it's the truth. Then you start having lots of doubts.

Indirectly, the relationship has started dwindling and sooner than later, that relationship becomes a goner.
Be wise. Avoid lies, it destroys any beautiful thing both in relationships and otherwise. You'll just end up loosing a good guy or girl cos of your carelessness. It breaks my heart when I'm being lied to. I just ask,  why did you lie? Did you think I won't find out? What was going through your mind when you were hiding the truth from me. Why didn't you tell me all these while, only for me to find out just like this? I'm sure alot of other people out there ask the same thing too, if not, na only me waka come be that.

Just imagine what would happen if your spouse finds out, it's really not worth it. I was disappointed when someone actually said "what if the person doesn't find out?" So does it justify your actions? Does it make it alright or OK to keep something important from your partner? Abeg, do the needful. I don talk my own. Cheers dearies.


  1. No lie is ever worth it but at the time, it feels like lying is the best option. But some people are PhD holders in the lying department sha. Kai

  2. I am a terrible liar, I can't keep up. When I lie I just confess as soon as I can or bear the consequences when am found out

  3. Lies in relationshipbis really painful.that's why we should pray to God to surround us with the right people

  4. When I lie,it haunts me until I ends up confessing thereby fooling my fullself.

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  5. Pam, do you not think there are occassions where a lie is deemed acceptable? Even the slightest bit?

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  6. Women Lie, Men Lie.................. #Dimple

  7. it's true that lie and secret kill relationship, but 95% of girls hate the truth, they love the guys more when they lie to them

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  8. I still lie today. We can't just stop lying. At times its just an unconscious effort lolz

    Lying in a relationship especially when am being open and truthful nah nah it hurts too bad

  9. It shouldn't be an everyday thing but there are some lie you have to lie ooo,later you can reveal the truth. I have lied sometimes to avoid trouble ,it is usually for a good cause


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