Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tantrum Thursday!!!

Behold, another Tantrum Thursday is here. A day we open our  packaged and boxed up anger with the aid of the greatest weapon, the pen or typing.

So folks, what happened to you during the past week? For me, due to the prevalent electricity situation, yours truly can now boast of having heat rashes (e no funny oooo). Na so so rash come full ma body like say I be grater.

Early this week too, as if the heat wasn't enough, my self acclaimed "landlord", my landlady's son thought it wise that he will put the spoilt water overhead tank right infront of my house!! See me see wahala ooooNa so I spark, wetin na? He that can't sleep without light, that he runs his gen all night and has the luxury of a fan at night and me that I wait on nature's breeze to atleast reduce the heat, and with the way houses are built here in Lagos with little space for air,  the guy carry the tank wan block the small space left for breeze for me. Hmm,  I no gree oo. I no wan here say Lagos dey smell.

Guess, that was a day he saw my "not so gentle" side. He had no choice but to remove it.

Don't know if its only in my area, but the new trend is car theft. Been happening more frequently in my area now. If they can't steal the car, they try to make do with something of value. God save us all.

Aha!! This Xenophobia thing dey provoke me too. Na wetin? Na bad thing to go person country?
And we Nigerians that go for "greener pasture", fire burn your country? If you don dey like ten years and you never hammer, abeg, come home. If you no get transport fare, send account number, we go do community effort and contribute.

Do we Nigerians treat other nationalities the same way we are treated there? #foodforthought. We treat foreigners like demigods in this country, when we mean so little to them over there. "A word is enough for the wise".

Ehe!! Lastly, Just read a news caption about a lady that stole 8million naira and was sentenced to 266 years improsonment!!! For 8million alone!! Haba!! How much do ministers and governors steal and none has been given such sentence? Judiciary, abeg, make una take am easy ooo with the average people . How about you, what happened to you during the week? Love you loads.


  1. Pam dearie am in a vexing mood right now. My one and only phone, my. Multipurpose phone choose this time to take a swin in water.unknown to me d phone was soaked alongside clothes in soapy water for close to 3hrs. Don't ask me what happen next ofcourse the phone is totally gone.
    The cost of repairs is 10k what's the piont? Mitcheeew. #vexingmoodactivated

  2. Same old same Foolish Nepa, no light to pump water, I was so hot yesterday that I had to use the AC with the Gen, who wan make heat kill am.
    Now because we are due to pay Nepa bill,they now gave us light this afternoon, God knows am not paying shi shi and if they dare come to disconnect the light, I will remove the ladder when they climb the pole. Rubbish annoying, all what they do is flash light like a put up Idiot phone user flashing another. I dey wait for them.

  3. Eyaaaaaa kpele my dear pammie. There are so many things I want to get off my chest. The builder has done very little work in my kitchen and it's been two months - I think I'm going to sue him.

    I ordered some bridal flip flops on etsy and when they arrived they did not look like the one they advertised. I sent them an email venting my fury and I am entitled to a refund!

  4. Tito has said it all. Its this same phcn wahala.
    Will it ever get better? GMB, please effect this so called "Change" when this power is handed over to you. Biko,na me need d change pass

    It is well with us all

  5. Yawnnnnnnnnns

    All I need is an extra month from nowhere just for me to sleep, eat and sleep again!!!

    I need serious rest

  6. Thank God for the gift of complains.

  7. Hehehe....No rant for me today mami...How have you been?

  8. I think my recent rant has been turned to a rave...nice channeling. My cool girl post

  9. I don't have any rant just one question....why would anyone be sentenced to 266 years imprison, is she immortal?

  10. i don't have any rant, twas a wonderful week for me, i got relieve all the load on my heart and i made reasonable changes to my life, pams dear, hw ar u?


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