Saturday, 4 April 2015

Flirting in relationship: Yay or Nay.

Ewooo! I don enter today. Ejoo my dear Chinco bee. This is to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday dearie. I say a BIG AMEN to all your heart desires and May God continue to butter your bread and sugar your tea. Amen. Love you like kilode. Infact as a peace offering, can you kindly grace us with your lovely face as our face of the week for next week? Will really appreciate that. Biko send me an email with your lovely pictures and a little profile of yourself. Thanks.

Another Saturday is upon us. Sorry for those that woke with a hangover in the morning (my deepest apologies), an aspirin and a cup of hot coffee usually does the trick sha. The weekend continues tonight (winks).

Most of us ladies have had men being nice to us, some had ulterior motives and some didn't. A man's kindness to us is attimes termed flirting, for lack of a proper word. A man opens the door for you, smiles sheepishly, grins too much and ohhhh, you assume he is flirting and making a pass at you.

Is every act of kindness flirtatious? Ladies, we are the best in the art. We will flirt with our eyes closed. Some men will flirt with a lady, even when she is wearing her wedding band!!! Some see flirting as an ego thing, a prowess .

So dear friends, Who flirts more? The men or ladies? The men? Cos, they are more insatiable than women? Or women, because they love the attention, crave the attention. Where does flirting start and end? From getting her to talk to you, swap numbers, names, countless messages? Is there anything like a "harmless flirtation"?

For all of us flirts (not me oo, Lolz), flirt with care, lest the lady your flirting and batting your eyelids to, has a Floyd Mayweather as a hubby near her. You wouldn't want her to be the last thing you saw with your left eye abii(hahahah). To the ladies in the house, flirt with care, he may be married, and the "do unto others what you want others to do unto you" still lives.

Happy Saturday friends. Love you all. I'm off to a birthday parry. Who wanna join? #winks.


  1. I think females flirt more. But it's really not cool to flirt when you're in a relationship

    Molola's Blog

  2. Yayyyyyyy I hope am FTC

    So am trending now lolz

    Babes I say a big AMENNNN

    Will send the mail. Enjoy your parry dear

    Flirt sha? I think it's in the blood or its simply lack of content. Ojukokoro-ism

  3. Pam Pam! Na u dey enjoy oooo
    Its been long I attended a byday parry and Chinco Bee dat had her birthday a couple of days ago no kukuma invite me

    1. Choi this babe sebi I told you it was happening in my office? Ok am inviting you next weekend. My neighbour's son will be 5 so come and diggy out heheheheheh

  4. Una no answer question, na baiday una focus on . hian, men flirt more.married or nor married they still wanna try their luck. Imagine make guy still dey chase me on top my wedding band?it is finished

  5. Men flirt more than ladies. Nice blog...check out my blog(its very new)

  6. Men flirt more than ladies. Nice blog...check out my blog(its very new)

  7. Men flirt more than ladies. Nice blog...check out my blog(its very new)

  8. Men flirt more. Its not cool when you are married or in a relationship
    Afolabi Tosyne's blog


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