Friday, 24 April 2015


I don get alert na #Godwin.  Hehehe,   TGIF!!! Finally, another Friday and another weekend. All you party goers, hope you have your party shoes ready(#winks). For the non party/clubbers,cuddle up with a good movie (that's if phcn go gree), or with a good book,  or you can even go out to count the cars that passes in front of your house.  Lolz.

Today we are gonna talk about a trending topic on almost every social network and that has come to be a part of us, "selfies".

Selfies have now become a norm that it has been made into a movie and given a place in the Urban dictionary, na wooo. Prior to now, like five years ago, a word like selfie was non existent. Girls are the most guilty perpetrators of such (na we gals like picture pass na but guys don dey take over now ). Selfies were taken everywhere, to show your a "bigs gal", you took pixs in high brow weddings, ocassions, events. To portray your self as a constant traveler or flier, pics of you in the lobby or in the airplane sef will be taken.
Selfies with wads of cash, jewelry, latest car, plane or designer attire shows how much you got. Na the one wey dem dey take for bathroom I no understand, is it to prove that they do bath too or what? #justasking oooo.

Business people have helped in making selfies better and more easier. They've come up with selfie sticks now.  All you need to do is to attach your phone to it nd gbam ,  selfie don happen.  Nawaoo.
Kim K had her selfies sold out in a minute!!!  You mean that common selfies are being sold too?  I don vex.  So me too, my personal selfies are out, its for sale and you can buy it personally from me. Contact me for your copy and payment details,  ehmm,  preferably cash only biko,  No cheque . #winks.
Do have a beautiful weekend my lovelies.


  1. Some people now call themselves queen of selfie. Lolz

  2. Selfies...bleh. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Thought you were gonna upload your own selfie naw


    Church vigil tinz...omo it's by Grace ooo cos am so tireddddddd

  4. I even heard of selfie shoes o, just carry your leg up in takwando style and gbam u have taken a selfie

  5. Girls and fashion sha . infact selfie is now an app on HTC. What social media will cause eehn

  6. Some people's selfie game is so tight ehn. Respect


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