Friday, 3 April 2015

Orobo vs Lekpa: Who sure pass?

Happy Good Friday my lovely friends. Today marks a special day in Christian-Dom and we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for all he did for us. May his name be praised. Let us have a somber time of reflection of ourselves, both the Christian and Non-Christian.

Another Friday is here, and many have plans and some others will go with the flow of the moment (winks).  We all have different choices. Most people have a penchant for the round and full, others prefer the "Agbani-like" figures. Incase you haven't guessed what I'm talking about, it's the size or figure of we women, preferred by our men. Whether it's tribal or ethnic, men like their ladies differently. Some like the "orobo" while others like the "lekpa". 

I can't recount cases I have heard men look at a lady and then go ahead in describing her in words not even invented yet. I tried doing a poll, I failed. Some say the Yoruba's like heavy set ladies, big bosom and full of flesh (Orobo is truly a Yoruba word, lwkm), maybe to show where their money is. Calabar men on the other hand love their women slender and petite (not all ooo). Igbo's especially the Anambra's ..... (A pic is worth a thousand words). The Hausa's are renowned to have the slimmest "lekpa's" in Naija. 

I have a friend who said he likes them "big and round". Atleast when he sleeps and his hand falls on the lady, he'll touch flesh and it makes him smile even in his dream, while another said he likes them skinny. Whatever and however you men like us, love us the way we are. Like a friend always said when chided about her figure  "he who has me loves me like this".

We ladies too have a choice on the kind of men we prefer. So any one you prefer, choose wisely. Lol.
Biko gist me, what's your choice? And are you currently with your dream figure man or woman?

Do have a blessed day dearies. 


  1. For me its lekpe all the way.
    I am slim and my dream partner should be lekpe with a little flesh sha. I dont like fat people **no hard feelings biko** they can be slow and can occupy space esp in buses. thats how I sat btw two fat women one day in the bus and they nearly suffocated me, I come be like burger wey dem sandwich, choi!! That was the genesis of my hatred for fat people **click tongue** BTW Fat doesnt mean healthy na. so its lekpe for me or no thanks.

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  2. Lol@ the pic. Happy Easter, have a good one!

  3. As for me, I like them fat but not too fat

  4. Hahhahahh @ pix. I personally love my lady orobo -ish. A lil flesh is all I can ask for. Happy easter to all.

  5. lekpa all the way....happy Good friday pams

  6. Everybody is wiser now,they prefer lepa, orobo nke. At this age and stage.Orobo is not healthy abeg. The fact am a size 10 now,I hate it.i no fit perform well on bed again, hian I am now very lazy compared to when I was lepa.

    1. hehehehehehe, make I laff small jare kikikikikiki "i no fit perform well on bed again" lmao. this BMF is funny.

    2. HAhaha this girl u dey funny ooooo. Well it depends on your prefetence

  7. Hahahhahhahahahh@ bola. Do fish learn to swim? It will come to u,don't fret. Nice evening all.

  8. I don't like them with protuding belly ooooo hian

    Lepa all the wan but not skinny like broom stick oooo.

    People have taste sha. The way some guys will go crazy ontop orobo will surprise you

    Happy Good Friday PAM


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