Friday, 17 April 2015

TGIF Pamscribers!!!

Friday, yeppie!! Another weekend has befallen us. How has the week been with you all? Today we are gonna discuss about two issues today.

First, do women really mean no when they say "NO"? Women are known to be great actresses. A woman will act a part till she is immersed in the role. During romance and atimmes foreplay, a lady will say no and hoping the guy won't stop. Is no another form of saying yes? Why not just say yes and help the poor guy, Lolz. #sideeyes. #justsaying.

The next one is, on a first date, is it mandatory for a guy to pay the transport fare for the gal? Is it in any dating handbook? Abeg, if you see am, bring my attention to it biko. #giggles. So, I hope you all have fun this weekend, do everything in moderation, apart from love.

 Ehee, we havn't come up with a name yet oo. I dey wait. Help us come up with a good name. Catch ya. #loveyoulikekilode. Kisses and e-hugs xoxo.


  1. Well Pam, I do not know about other women, but my no means no and vice versa. Why would I pretend when I am enjoying the thing.

    If he doesnt have a car to drop me off, he should know that he has to pay for my transport fare. If he doesnt, I would know he is going to be stingy. But it is not a must.

  2. Sometimes No...can mean yes, and vice versa.
    Happy weekend!

  3. this one pass me o pams,abeg make i waka pass. happy weekend.

  4. Indecision will kee some girls.truly some girls NO mean yes!

    A guy should pay my fare.if he is toasting me or not,so far you know me,we enter the same bus,i expect you to pay!you gerrit?

  5. Lol why should the girl expect the guy to pay? Except he insists but it's not his responsibility.

  6. Hehehe..... I gotta sit this out and see what everyone thinks.....howdy mami..

  7. See women forming here. "its not his responsibility". Abeg! D guy shld be d one 2 pay and not the gal. Its not just rite except d gal insists. Happy weekend Pam!

  8. Don't mind us, we can pretend ehn especially when the guy already knows your NO means Yes. For guys that ain't too good with insisting, naso you go just miss am

    Then paying tfare on a first date all depends if the guy wants to. You don't have to take offence if he doesn't but I think overtime, it has become a norm and we always expect them to.

    Lol@handbook, Pam warn yourself oooo


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