Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tantrum THURSDAY!!!

Thank God it's Thursday. A day before Friday and a day after Wednesday, a day we tread the psychological path of raising our voices through the pen and not with our fists. Over the past week, what has offended, angered, annoyed you, this is the place to let it all out. For me, same NEPA issue, the worst part is coming home to be told light lasted all day, and then around 8pm they'll bring it only to take it back by exactly 11:27pm till I leave for work the next day. Believe me, I've been timing them everyday. Mtchww. I have to wake up and take my bath like four times cos the heat is too much, even fan is blowing heat sef. The sun here can roast fish, abii I lie? All those Oyibo ladies that likes to Sunburn, abii is it Sun-dry, abii Sun-tan, or Sun-whatever their skin should come to Naija, infact before they go back to their country, they'll really be Sun-tanned more than the way they want. Lolz. Now that the "Change" chant has come, I really hope that a huge change will really occur in the power sector for us. During the weekend, I attended a bufday parry, after all the dancing and all, the long awaited food sharing started (jollof rice ofcourse). My dear, dancing can really make you hungry, (laf all you want, I carry my belle go there na). To my utter disappointment, na so the sharers brought one dejected looking rice with the tinniest meat ever known to man come my front. Chai! Food that even my neighbour's dog would prefer staying hungry than eating it. Hunger get choice now na? I manage the food sha, how I go do? When hunger don sandpaper my belle. Biko, who has visited the Lagos state teaching hospital lately? My friends cousin had to take the mum there and she came back with tears in her eyes and a knife to her heart. From what she described, the nurses and doctors there showed the total callousness, "I don't care" attitude, lack of professionalism and the ever present corruption virus. Even the security was given a token to enable the patient be driven in!!! Aghh!! Ehmm, the Oba of Lagos talk this week about the Igbo's, #clearsthroat. Well I reserve my comment, biko, Igbo's be ready with your life jackets come Saturday. I yaff talk my own. Despite all, I'm grateful for life, and yes, her mum is okay now, all thanks to God. With these few tantrums of mine, I hope you will add yours and feel the relief I feel now. Lol. Ejoo emabinu (no vex if I didn't get the spelling, I meant don't be offended). Sorry for the late tantrums. #shinesteeth.


  1. Why did you post late?
    Nothing really to rant but thanking God for what he has done

  2. Hang in there missy. Hopefully things will only get better.

  3. I don't always meet this rant on time but I don't really have any rant today jere

    PAM and Nepa sha. Sebi change is here hehehehehe

    Leave our Oba ooo, blame it on the Alcohol hahahahahaha

  4. i hate the jingles playing back to back on TV since yday, i hate that Nigerians are not always nice with their comments to Celeb, i hate that Nepa they remove my street power supply from pole, while i go dey see light for anoda street and anoda house close to mine......

  5. I hate that the power supply is almost non existent. We practically supply our own power, day in, day out.

  6. It is this same light issue. I hate the fact that the blocks of flats behind my house usually have light while we look at them from my room.

    I wonder why phcn give them vip treatmement while we suffer. It is just unfair knowing fully well that it is what we are entitled to have. Stupid set of people and at the end of the month,they will still bring crazy bills. Awon oloriburuku gbogbo.

    This CHANGE had better come on time oo cos am just tired of this so called country

    May God help us all


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