Tuesday, 7 April 2015

GUEST POST: Should I keep trusting her?

I am an avid reader of your blog, I really like your style of writing, though I don't comment as much as I do read. I really like your guest post of last week and decided to write this, hope its published. Am a male in my early 30's, am madly in love with the gal am dating. She, like many gals have lots of male friends. She does a lot of hanging out with them. Recently, she said an out of town/longtime friend was in town and wanted to see her, and go clubbing with her, she told me. And after clubbing, will go home with him as the distance from her place is far. I agreed. Next, she spent another night again with another male friend of hers after clubbing out with him and said nothing happened between them, though the guy tried to make advances but she refused (her words). I trust and love her. Is it ok for me to let her spend time and hang out wit her male friends? Should I start distrusting her? Please I'll appreciate you comments bcos I'm a bit confused. *****Like Stella, let me sit down and read comments while pretending I'm a mermaid. Lolz**** Please dear friends, let's help our confused broz.


  1. I rarely give relationship advice, as a habit...but I'd say flip the script around, would she be comfortable with you doing the same?

    1. Very good question. If she says she would be comfortable with it, then she doesn't care none about him. If she's not then she's a bloody hypocrite. What's wrong is wrong

  2. i as a lady can't take this so i can't advise anyone to condole it


  3. Biko this doesn't make sense. How can you allow her go with club with her male friends? Not once, not twice.

    Some girls can't manage this kinda relationships cos before they know it, they are already carried away.

    It's either you stop all this her unnecessary wakawaka or you just accept her the way she is. And mind you, this is just a relationship and the issue of distrust is already setting in, what if it's marriage? Give yah self brain dude!!!

  4. Say what? Spent two nights with two different guys alone in a room after clubbing with so much highness and nothing happened, not even smooching??......let her tell that to a kid please.

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  5. Trust is everything. Spending nites wit friends of d opposite sex n ur all smiles and grinz?? My advice is practical, spend nites wit female friends too. Lwkm

  6. Rubbish, how will you allow her spend time with someone else other than you,what sort of relationship liberty is that,sorry to say your babe has no regard for you,forget her

  7. Hian...@poster,dey dere make pant dey wear u
    D babe sef..smh..


  8. Lol..He made advances but she refused???but spent the night with a person who would wanna sleep with her???lolzzz...no excuse bro...ur gal is doing something wrong and you are not seeing it.

  9. I initially didn't want 2 say something but I tink I'll just have to. You all are right in ur own way, but hav u considered dat she could have gone out with those guyz without tellin him, by d way dey dnt stay 2geda, so she could have said she was in her house or lie about something else, but she told him everything. Have u thought about why she told him everything? I'm not saying what she did was good or not, all I'm saying is if she hadn't told you, you may not have known, especially about the guy that touched her at night. If she had did something wrong, she wouldn't have told you, you know. Just give her a benefit of doubt, and think about this, why was she telling you all these when she could easily go out without lettin you know. Abeg, datz my 2kobo. Make na no break my head biko, #fleesaway.

  10. **shakes head** Nope! you do not wanna know what I think bout it. So I am just gonna say hi to mi lovely Pamela and wish you luck with that "gal" of yours...

    Howdy mami.

  11. To be sincere with you bro ..i will friend zone and look for i worthy stay lady ...what the hack ..two nites ...do you know what happens when some of my female friends who ain't even ma babe see me ...We hug ..some sometimes wanna pass the limit ..but thanks to ma bae the wildcat ...imagine when me and those friends spend one nite in a room together ...we might go physical ...sorry to say Bro ..She is playing you for a FOOL!!!

  12. Abeg. Dis lady is not serious. I'm surprised you are asking for opinion. I know deep down, you don't completely trust this girl or you wouldn't be asking for opinion...it is obvious this girl is not ready to settle with you. This is more than just having a male friend. There is limit to everything.


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