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Constance came around, all fully dressed up and geared for the function. I looked at her puzzled at first on why she was all looking different from the regular jean and top girl that I knew, then it dawned on me that we were supposed to attend Susan's wedding together. 

Susan was a course-mate of ours back then in school and we were actually shocked to hear that she was getting married cos she was literally not a one man's woman. 

Back then during our university days, she actually told us that she won't be settling down in. She only desires to be a single mum, "enjoy her life" and not be caged by any man. So imagine our surprise when I and Constance heard that she was getting married. We then swore never to miss her wedding, we actually wanted to see the man who succeeded in "caging" Susan.

Amid shouts and screams of anger coming from Constance, I rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower, and it took me five minutes to dress up, I had to even make-up in the taxi which Constance came with. Didn't have the strength for Constance's hot temper for delaying her further.

It was 7pm that evening when I got down from the taxi in front of my gate. Susan's wedding was more than awesome, her hubby was swimming in money, no wonder she changed her mind. Though not good looking, short and with a protruding belle, still he was loaded. "Money good oo" I muttered tiredly while entering my house. 

Now,  the room was unusually chilled yet again. I immediately had goose pimples, I just wondered why. I waved it aside though, pulled off everything I was putting on and went for a long shower. I probably spent 10minutes or so in there cos when I came back to the bedroom, I felt something, couldn't wrap my fingers around it though, also perceived a sweet fragrance smell.

I once again ignored it and went straight to my bed, switched off my phones, didn't want Constance disturbance or anyone else's.

I had barely hit the pillows when it happened, it was as if I was in a trance. I was in a room, lying on a rose petals filled bed, naked. Candle lights all around the bed, a bottle on the table. The room looked like mine but was wider and more beautiful.

I tried to get up but I couldn't. It seemed as if I was stapled to the bed. I tried screaming but no sound left my mouth. While wondering what was going on, I sighted someone coming towards me from the far edge of the room.
He was indeed angelic, was glowing and looked very beautiful, his beauty illuminated the room. He approached my side and smiled.

"I've been watching you through my property which you are in possession of." He said filled with smile

I tried again to speak but I couldn't, then he placed his hand on my lips and it was as if something fell off it.

"Who are you? Where am I? What have you done to me? What property? Please let me go"I cried out in fear.

"Don't worry my love, you'll know in due time". He said as he picked the bottle on the table and emptied it's contents on my body. It was oily and had this sweet fragrance, similar to what I smelt in my room earlier on. And from then on, I lost being in control of my body, a force took over me. I felt sweetness, felt loved and happiness.

I watched him join me on the bed as he began massaging me with the oil. It seemed like deja vu, cos everything that was happening to me, I've seen or read it somewhere.

I tried remembering but what he was doing on my body was mesmerizing me, I felt that same odd chilly air again. He made me forget how celibate I was, and took me out of this world. When he felt how ready I was, he came on me and took me to a world of oblivion which I've never experienced even in the days of my active sex life. It was a sweet surrender.

I woke up the next day with a confused look. It was so real, I could remember the dream as if it really happened. And as usual I was moist down there.
I just waved it aside and went about my daily activity. Took the diary to all the tenants and none admitted it to being theirs.

For two weeks, my dream stranger kept on visiting me night after night and treated me like a woman which I was. He became my favorite lover and I always looked forward to seeing him in my dreams.

During his initial visits, he would say "I'll be back tonight" right before I open my eyes in the real world, leaving me with little or no choice. But when his visit became frequent, he started asking "should I come back to you tonight?" It seemed as if he wanted my permission to be there, he wanted it to be my choice and not his. As if hypnotized I would silently agree to his return. I was in-love with him, wanted him to have all of me. I was going crazy. What was wrong with me? How in heaven's name was I in love with a dream sex-maniac.

It was also during one of those visits that he told me about his property that I was in possession of. The Diary. Yes, that same diary that I picked outside my gate. The naked lady on the rose petaled bed, the illuminated room, the magical being, the..., It all makes sense now. I had read all about this same thing happening to me, in that diary.

As much as I wanted to talk to Constance about it, I just couldn't. Although, I later asked her opinion on having sex in the dream, she simply said,
 "Babe, it's evil spirit possession. Mamie water people. Let the person go for serious deliverance to deliver the person from spirit husband/wife so it won't affect the person in the physical. She/he will never marry". 

Christabel was a very superstitious person. I waved the talk away.
"Babes, are you having sex in the dream". I was shocked as to why she thought it was me. I couldn't tell her so I replied in the negative. I couldn't wait to see my dream lover again, yearning for his touch once more.

Then I noticed that one night, he didn't come. This went on for a week. I missed him. Night after night I waited, but he didn't come. Then I settled that he wasn't coming back again, I wondered what happened. Just like other men, he had dumped me. I wept when I woke up. I really was insane.

One morning, I felt odd, was so weak that I could barely get up to throw up in the bathroom. I called in sick at the office so that I would visit the hospital for treatment. It assumed it was malaria which I haven't treated for a long time.

At the hospital, my blood was extracted in a syringe and taken to be tested. When the result came out, I received the shock of my life. I WAS PREGNANT. For who? I haven't been sexually active for years now, atleast not in the physical. Who gets pregnant after having sex in the dream? I was in a state of trauma, almost having a heart attack.

While trying to get out of the hospital with the most confused look, I stared into a ward and what I saw made me dizzy. Lying on the bed, all bandaged with his eyes closed, was my dream lover. Oh Heavens! How possible could it be? 

I moved to get a closer look, yes, it was him. Out of confusion, I asked a nurse about him, and she said he was an anonymous person rushed in about a month ago by a good samaritan, after he was involved in an accident. He has been in the hospital since then and he could barely remember who he was. 

That was precisely when the dream started. Last month, but how come?  I had so many questions that needed to be answered. I got pregnant in real life through sex that I had in the dream.
And I'm staring into the face of my dream lover in real life. Please God if this is a dream, I need to wake up NOW. I broke down into uncontrollable tears.
                                                                 THE END.


  1. Haaaaaa am yet to read one

    Biko you suppose put the link for part 1 for those that missed it

    Shey I go come dey scroll down now ni?

    Warn yaself oooooo

    1. Dearie, I've added a link to the 1st part, no vex. Lol. Biko, I'm still expecting your mail concerning that matter (lolz) cos tomorrow is the day. Thanks dear.

    2. Good girl...Will go thru it

      Yes will send it. Let's go a fishing really took the whole of my weekend. Got home 30mins ago


  2. This is disturbingly interesting...nice job ...I love the suspense that comes with every single sentence

  3. Ahah, it can't end yet oh. Did the guy wake up? Was he having sex with her before the accident or in his unconscious state? Did he have the dreams too?

  4. Wow, Pamsy, You really caught all my attention, I hardly read long article like this. But this I read it all.

    Thumbs up. #keep_the_fire_burning .. Agbara Reginald

  5. Choi serious Gobe

    Get preggy from sex dream kwa? Lobatan

    This babe is on her own but atleast she has seen her boo real life now, she should just pray that all will be well with him or could it be jazz?

    @Pam is this the end or "to be continued"?

    1. Haaaaaaaa the end ke?

      We go protest for the blog oooo hian

      How can it just end like this? We still don't know the mystery behind this man naw

  6. Biko pams, dis cannot be the end o.....

  7. Haha I love the way you ended it. Nice read

  8. How can it just end like that? Its unfair o

  9. Pam pls dont let us fight o. This can never be the end, it must have part 3. Pls now dont do this to us pls

  10. Pam pls dont let us fight o. This can never be the end, it must have part 3. Pls now dont do this to us pls


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