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In SS3, I was still a bright student, but not as intelligent as I was before I met Beulah, all thanks to the countless night parties, weed smoking and drinking.

During one of those parties, I was introduced to cocaine by my bad gangster boyfriend who was one of the viking boys. Ken was an off and on boyfriend, so I wouldn't bother about him.

The party was so loud and wild which attracted the attention of the police. I and the girls managed to escape without getting caught.

I hated the holiday period cos I had to go home to be the humble and homely Helen, which I detested. My parents still saw me as their little girl, dey didn't see me as an 18 years old big girl and in SS3. I had to pretend to be the good daughter they have always known.

So most attimes, I lied to them that we had summer lessons in school so I wouldn't come for the holidays, or I would say Beulah's dad booked us for an educational trip within or outside Nigeria.

My parents would give in to this cos dey were already familiar with Beulah and her parents, and I'll have the wildest holiday ever with Beulah and the girls. Her parents weren't staying in the country so she usually bribes the house-help during our outings.

One of the previous house-help's tried behaving stubborn, so Beulah lied against her to her parents. She accused the help of being a bad influence on her cos she brings home so many guys. Beulah's parents fired her immediately, and then hired the new one, who was more cooperative .

My parents approved of our friendship. Beulah was the serpent, a seductress who danced her way into my parents house and heart, she behaved so nice whenever she came visiting. 

She would often lead in my family's morning devotions and it was really a serious fire prayer session. I couldn't help but open my eyes during the one of those prayer sessions to be sure if it was really Beulah that was praying.

She would behave so holy, I usually watched in awe during her acts while she winks at me. My parents had an automatic liking and a straight approval of her.  She was indeed the serpent.

Something happened during our SS3 which got me suspended from school.  We were caught having sex with 3 guards,  and were asked to produce our parents, then I knew that I was doomed.

How was I to tell my parents that I was suspended and the reason why I was suspended. I wailed but as usual Beulah promised to handle it.

I stayed in her house for a week and was shocked when we were called back to resume classes the following week. I asked her how she did it, she said that she told one of her man-friends who pretended to be my dad, and with a little persuasion and rubbing of hands, the principal gave in to our return. Beulah saved me again, I respected her more.

I passed my JAMB, so did the girls, all thanks to the special centre's they registered. When I called Beulah the morning of the Jamb exams, she was barely awake . Someone else was to write the exams for her. Lucky her.

I was still a bit brilliant so I didn't register in a special centre, moreover it was dad that bought the form. The more reason why I couldn't, even though I wished to lay on my bed like Beulah while someone else does all the hard work. Mtchww, my old school parents.

Out of my reverie, I was back to reality. I watched her, despite the disguise, I still recognized her. She told me how she had survived the ordeal while they left her for dead. Yes Indeed, Ego and Tessy were dead but she survived. And from here she would be going to the airport and disappearing from Nigeria for good.

She told me that was sorry cos I was going to be the scape goat, the Jesus to be crucified and die for all our sins. I was dumbfounded as I watched her wave goodbye while she left with the most wicked grin ever.

I watched on even as the guard guided me back to my cell. Tomorrow will be my execution, and I just found out that my greatest nightmare, Beulah was alive and a freeman who was about fleeing the country, while I die. I couldn't weep cos there were no more tears left in my eyes.

I could remember vividly what landed me to this place. The shootout during one of our cult clashes. It was in our third year in the University, I was raped by a cult guy,  being a cult girl myself, I and my group swore to retaliate. Yes, I ended up killing the guy that raped me, but it was so bloody and messy. The guys, fought back and this attracted the police. People were killed and arrested. Beulah, Ego and Tessa were dead, I assumed Beulah was too. I was arrested and charged for murder. So here I am.

I had chosen this path, and it's indeed my hell. As I walked with the prison warden to the place of my execution, I recalled all I had done. The reckless life I lived. "I curse you Beulah". I remembered my parents and siblings faces. I specifically insisted not to see them, I didn't want them seeing me in this state. I just wrote a letter to them begging for their forgiveness, and asking them to pray for my soul.

I am just 22 years old and my life was about to be taken away from me. I wept. I begged for a second chance to live right. Ooh!! how I wish I had listened to the better me all those years. Had I known I wouldn't be here right now.

As they tied me to the pole of my death. I raised my eyes to the heavens and said "forgive me Lord". The guys with guns were ready, already waiting for instructions.

As I heard them give the final order, I shot my tear-filled eyes, embracing and giving in to the darkness and the dark shadows. My life was played right infront of me. Then I heard the shot.

                           THE END.

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  1. Well that was a rush of blood to the head. Short but interesting read!

  2. Nice read. Thanks for sharing pams.

  3. Awwww, I wish it was a dream
    In wish she will just wake up from her slumber
    this should be a lesson to young people around,.
    Nice read

  4. This should serve as a big lesson to the young ones

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Choi, just 22?she really messed up her entire life...All for what?i can't just imagine the shock on the face of her parents.

    It's a big lesson for all.

    @Pam I almost tot it would end being a dream


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