Friday, 10 April 2015

TGIF: Give me my top NOW!!!

Another weekend is upon us. TGIF, for those residing in Lagos and for Igbos like me, my swimming instructor is still taking new students. Lwkm. My people gather, gather round cos tatafo gist don land, hehehe. But first of all how are you all doing? Waddup! I'm in a really great mood today as if I won a lottery shaa. Shoutout to my fellow blogger, Catwalk with Pat, an amazing lady whose birthday was on the 8th of this month. This is to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday, May your Ijebu garri never lack sugar or salt or honey, or groundnut, or anything that you'll use to drink it, Amen. God bless thee. Cheers darl and sorry this is coming late. So back to the main gist! Early this morning, my humble self with my neighbour set out to market to buy few clothes to keep body and soul together (as I dey manage), after all the haggling and arguing prices, (and fighting with words), due to the fall of the naira and the increase in the dollar, I could only buy a few less than I wish I could, Chai!(lol). As we were making our way out of the market, I noticed a crowd gathering and asked my yoruba speaking neighbour what was going on (I never master yoruba finish na). The interpretation she gave went thus: Two girl friends, one loaned her shirt to the other for a party two months ago, and since after the party till now the girl hasn't returned the shirt back. Despite going to her loanee's place countless times and calls to return the top, the top was either kidnapped or "top-napped" as the case is, and since that day, the friend has been dodging her. The loaner of the top to make matters worse started hearing vibes that the loanee is dating her man behind her back. Na so, on this fateful day, both loanee and loaner coincidentally met in the market, with the loanee wearing the loaner's shirt. The owner pounced on her, with a hot slap, and really in a fighting mood, raining abuses on the loanee (yoruba abuses can sabi make sense well), demanding her top back there and then, despite pleas from passerby. I couldn't help but laugh at the scenario. Devil can sabi leave somepeople go church shaa. But why today of all days? Why must it be today that she was wearing the same shirt? Wetin you for do if you were the owner? Na so I laugh my own commot there oo. Ehmm, tatafo over. Ok, bye. Do have a beautiful weekend and please vote wisely, and swim nicely. #shinesteeth. Lolz. Abeg, I'm looking for a unique name to call the wonderful people in this blog apart from lovelies, dearies, etc. I want something really unique. I tried Pammie's Crib mates, too long right? Pammie's mates? Crib mates? Pcribers? Abeg I don tire. Ejoo, biko, help a sister in need. Anyone that comes up with the best, hmmm, your reward is in heaven not even on this earth. Lolz.


  1. Pamites dey okay jare. Happy Weekend to u too darl and please don't drown oo lol


  3. Lmao pamscribers sounds good.

  4. Choi!!! Only me?? Nne thank you so much, if you see how I take shine all my 32 ehn. God bless you.
    OK, back to the matter, how can someone borrow a clothe without returning it and still have the confidence to be rocking it everywhere? Can't deal.

    Ermmm, for what you can call we you special readers...lemme goan consult the oracles...I dey come.

    Thanks once again for the shout out.

  5. I second the motion

  6. Lolzzz...would prefer Pamscribers.

  7. Cribmates...thank me later. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Eyaaaaa the Loaner should have just left her jare instead of creating unnecessary scene but I know we all can't be the same.

    Crib Readers
    PS readers

  9. I can just imagine the scene, I trust Yoruba girls, they will show their selves.
    Pscribers it's preferable


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