Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Guest Post: Tatafo levelz.

Dear Pam, you are doing a wonderful job here, keep it up, I sometimes comment with anonymous though. You know what, i gat tatafo gist for you cos i saw the advert here a few days ago, abeg, i go knack am for pidgin, so here goes:
Na so I dey waka for my street dey mind my business na im I see people gather for one doctor house dey shout 'abeg no kill am oo'. Immediately, my ear antenna rise, omoh see tatafo gist for pammie's crib oo. I waka go near, hmmm, come see as people dey beat this elderly man wey get two wives and plenty children, and close to him na one young girl wey get belle wey dey cry. Na im I come ask one guy wey dey beside me wetin dey happen.
The guy talk say the elderly man give his bestfriend pikin belle so na the girl dey cry so for there. I come ask how e take happen, the guy say since the man na trado-medical doctor, the bestfriend tell the man say make him daughter come learn work as nurse for him hand. The man gree oo but from there na so the man come dey eye him friend daughter from there kpam, him knack am belle. Choi, na so the girl papa ask who give am belle, the girl say na his friend. The man com vex match go the doctor house with many guyz beat am black and blue, com wan carry the girl but the girl no gree because the doctor promise am marriage. See gobe, mehn, you need to see the beating, the fight for there no be small thing oo, i come even dey feel for the man sef but immediately i see police people dey come, na im my humble sef run kpake oo,cos for this we Naija, police no be your friend oo.
Chai pam, na today i know say to type for pidgin dey hard, abeg my humble self don waka. I'm out. Lolz

*Broozzz, I hail ooo. You try wella, i even don commot cap for you sef. Mehnn, that was a conk pidgin English. Abeg continue to dey bring tatafo gist for us cos this drama make sense wella. Ehmm, try to find out wetin happen afterwards biko cos i know say this gist neva complete, Lolz. Thanks dear.
Please my lovelies, keep on sending in your tatafo gist and any other issue you feel you want to share with the house to my email address Love ya scarra.


  1. Atleast you try

    Did you say Nurse?hehehehehe....nawah ooo wonders will and can never end....That man sef is shameless, So he will sleep with all apprentice if he has his ways? rubbish. No be only black and blue, dem suppose beat am pink, red,infact rainbow colour. I wish I knew the age of the girl so as to know where to start from her. Cos I can't remember reading where the man raped her!!!

    She sef wan turn Mario, she no wan comot ahahaahaha

    1. I really doubt if it was rape, this should be a mutual thing cos of the way the girl held on to the man screaming that she must marry him oo, that she wont go back home with her dad. her age range should be between 20-25yrs. that was real drama.

    2. Oh that means her mind is made up. She is not a kid so they should just do official wedding for them. But nawah oooo

  2. That man isn't worthy to be called a friend, betrayal to the highest level. Anyway, i really enjoyed the gist. Lolz

  3. Nawa ooo,old man,fathers best friend for that matter wetin we no go hear for this our ododo Nigeria, the girl no no the kain suffer she go suffer,she tanda say she no dey go . ha hahahahaha

  4. nice blog dear. i really love d look. n see as guys don dey do tatafo pass women. lol

  5. nice blog dear. i really love d look. n see as guys don dey do tatafo pass women. lol


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