Wednesday, 25 February 2015

If you Love me, Let me know.

The first time I heard the word "secret admirer", I fell in love with the word. It sounded "nice" (for lack of a better word to use). I love ice cream, am I a secret admirer? Definitely no. I profess my love for the cold, sweet, yummy, climax-like feeling that comes with a spoonful of my favorite flavor. Oops, sorry, where was I? Ohh.

Most times, we see someone and we become lovestruck with the person. Either on the screen or near and around us. But, due to either fear of rejection, being laughed at or outright cowardice, we bottle our feelings and then act like its all well. But in fact, we are dying in silence. Most, if not all of us had crushes while growing up. Did our crush ever get to know how we stayed awake , daydreaming and fantasizing about him/her?

There are some of us that are in love with someone, but "muscle-pull" dey catch our lips and mouth, we just dey look the person everyday and remain silent. There is this nice guy I have known for almost a year now who keeps lurking around me and looking for any excuse to come near me, infact, its written all over his face but I guess he hasn't gotten the liver to ask me out yet, Lolz. And who am I to reject a kind-hearted/friendly gift from him, biko, I didn't ask oo. I'm not a mind-reader neither will I force it out of his mouth, so make we just dey watch each other like "telemundo", lolz. 

But mind you, if I'm really into you, I'll let you know. You can call me whatever you like, na you sabi, na me get my mouth. Gone are those days when girls aint allowed to express their feelings to a guy for fear of being termed "cheap", na lie, this is a new era. Babe, if you are into him, let him know, stop dying in silence. The worst that can happen is the rejection, if it does happen, dust your feet and walk away with your head held up high, atleast you were bold enough to voice out your feelings. Don't be ruled by what the guys may term you, it doesn't make you biko. 

And to the guys, walk up to that girl and voice out you feeling to her, we don't bite. Believe me, we girls like a bold/ outspoken man. Stop lurking around in the shadows or stopping in the hall-way or infront of her street hoping she will notice you, you may end up freaking her out. There is no harm in trial, is there?

If you truly love or like someone, do it "opendentially", tell the person ,who knows, the feelings may be mutual. And for all you "Dangotes, Gates, Danjuma's, Adenuga's and all, don't be shy to say you love me, I'm loving you too. #winks/ runs away.

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  1. Hehehehe you sef like better thing

    Well I won't over-form if I like someone. Will only do small shakara

  2. Lolzzz...I also like guys with guts!!! My first time commenting tho I read your blog!!!Kudos dear.

    1. Aww. thanks dear. keep visiting biko, u wont be disappointed. lol
      Yea, guyz with guts rock.

  3. Please,if u love me,let me know,I may be loving u too. U can contact me on 080****. How many gals will flat out tell a guy that they like or are in love wit him? Few.

  4. Had my first admirer when I was like thirteen. Was like five years older than me. Just liked being around him n smiling sheepishly. Till date,he doesn't know how I felt about him.#zooms off

  5. As a gal n u tell a guy u love him,his shakara go double,his head go swell . I go just maintain ooo n give him small hints. If he is not an olodo he will understand.

  6. Nice one. Crushes is a female thing,we guys fantasize. #eyesblinking

  7. For where,I can't walk up to a man that I like him's better I show it than say it.

  8. Ehnnn!!! rejection can pain abeg. so, I rather not tell, I would just give him green-light, if he is not dumb and feels same way, he will do the needful.

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  10. Final told dis girl i hav been eyeing since God knws wen all she can say is we rather be jst friends dam dat hurts.


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