Friday, 27 February 2015

Let's talk the 'Talk'.

I hear and read about how couples have a hard time satisfying themselves in the "bedroom". "My husband is a one minute guy", "He doesn't initiate it", "she's too rigid, always complains she's tired, I'm really tempted to cheat". The list is quite long but to every problem there's a solution, abii? Biko nu, permit me to be a little blunt, abeg don't crucify me. Lol.

Must the man always be the one to initiate sex? Speak up woman, stop dying in silence. When it 'hungries' you, tap him, its your right. Why are you married then? Its official now, and stop playing the shy woman, be bold to tell your hubby to do the needful. In marriage and the society we live in, most women hide in the shadows for fear of being called 'cheap or cajoled' when it comes to initiating their matrimonial duties. So even when "konji" is worrying them, they'll prefer to wait for "oga" to start it, if he doesn't start den everyone will go to sleep. For why nah?
Ladies, tell your man what to do to turn you "ON", some men don't know where your switch button is, they'll only want to jump into the hole and then jump out, leaving you not only high and dry, but also in pain. There is something called foreplay, try it, it works like magic. Stop rushing into sex and making your partner feel used.

Men, teach her how it is done, yes, some ladies are naive and wouldn't want to get out of their comfort zone. Biko, guide her out of that zone and teach her that there is more to "IT" than "missionary". Learn to explore each other, give, give and give. Lol. Who knows, cheating may reduce.

Abeg, make I stop here before people start asking me "how did dis small gal know all these things", Lolz. #runs away.
Hmmm, the rain wey beat me today no be small. Chai! Diaris God. In the absence of a hubby, I hearby cover myself with my blanket and the blood of Jesus. Chai! Weather for two on a friday, hmmm, it is well. #continues running while controling a sob. Lolz.


  1. Lmao@blanket and blood of Jesus

    Please preach it, if he doesn't iniciate it, get on with it!!!!!

  2. Many ladies prefer to die in silence than admitting that it should be better. Most men r so selfish. Cold oooooo. Make I follow u pamela run n look for blanket.

  3. Some women r afraid to talk cuz they feel the man will think sth else abt them . @pamela,this cold na die oooo

  4. married women should learn how to be creative on bed.come meet me lemme give you some tips.baddest wife ever liveth

  5. Lolzzz...abeg am 2 young for this lecture..

  6. Lool I think society has stiffled the women folk...


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