Monday, 2 February 2015

Women: Victims of a childless marriage.

A married lady in my neighborhood just happens to be seen around a lot lately in her father's house, so i just assumed she just wants to keep her mum company for sometime before she goes back to her husband's house cos her dad died a month ago. So just yesterday, my tatafo neighbor who happens to be the lady's friend gave me a shocking news; the lady has been sent parking out of her matrimonial home cos she hasn't given birth, and guess what, the marriage is only two years old. I was indeed moved to tears and so heartbroken.

When did man start playing God in terms of having children? Just two years of marriage and everything was over. My neighbor said the lady was crying profusely while showing her all the chats shared between she and the husband, according to her, it was so bad. Hey, i know nothing about marriage but, two years? Kai, my heart bleeds. I thought marriage worth's more than just child-bearing?
Yes, children are the rewards to a marriage and are the inheritance of God, so why does tradition persecute woman that don't take in early after marriage? Must it always be the woman's fault when it comes to lack of children in a marriage? What happens to praying for God's blessing cos He alone can bless your marriage with kids.

I know of a couple that didnt give birth for 15 years, another was 23 years, but they didnt relent in prayers and God blessed them. Look at Sarah and Hannah in the Bible, didnt God later bless them? Please that man shouldnt give me the excuse of him being an only son and blablabla, so wat? What if the problem is from him?

Sorry friends, today I'm not smiling, as in I'm grieved in my chest and my belle. Don't know why I'm taking this too personal, but i guess i just am. I really feel for that young lady who people have already started wagging their tongues about how she couldnt make her marriage work and calling her barren. It's well with her soul.
To all the women out there in a similar situation to this and still believing God for the fruit of the womb, God will bless you with your heart desires, and to the shock of your enemies. Remember, do not relent in your prayers cos HE will surely answer you.
Loads of love.


  1. Long sigh *
    I don't even know what to say cos I have lot to say.
    The bible says none shall be barren in the land, I believe .but to be factual most of fertility issues come from the men,because of their Ego they feel they are fit and of no issues . abeg she should wipe away her tears jawe . The real man will come and he will not leave you nor forsake you in time like this however while waiting go and see a good gynecologist. My 2 cents.

  2. Habaaa I think two years is too early. Even if the man's family members decided to send the wife away, he is expected to stand by her. That how those thay stay childless for 5,10,15years before conception do.

    People need to understand that marriage aint just about rearing children for goodness sake. The husband should come and carry his property back ooo or else.......Make I no talk

    Ordinary two years????where is the love? Smh

  3. The mentality of our African men when it comes to barrenness pisses me off. Most times, 70% of infertility is caused by the men, yet they will heap the whole blame on the woman. O ma se oooo! Pls visit

  4. The pressure that comes with childlessness in the family ehn...I have this cousin whom just 7 month into her marriage, her mother-in-law was already bringing her herbal mixture.

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  5. Two years! Ordinary two years nd he sent her packing? That guy must be daft! Nd he could be d one with the issue o, Low sperm count tinz! May God console d woman! Men sha!

  6. Heloo,abeg where the men de?Abi them no get wetin to talk for the matter?


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