Friday, 20 February 2015

Hit ME not!!!

Few weeks ago, Tope's friend Ada, got engaged to "the love of her life". This is supposed to be good news right? Yes, It should be, but the hiccup here is that, Ada is engaged to a guy that almost beat her to death last year. She has been in an abusive relationship for 3 years, and the guy always beats her at will, any little provocation, there goes the hiting. When asked why she is still with the guy that abuses her, she said that she doesn't have the strenght to start up a new relationship and she loves him, and once again he promised to change (is he Apc?), also "the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know". Biko nu, how and when does a devil become better than an angel? If you know the way I detest that statement.

A lot of ladies out there are suffering from abuse in their relationships and marriages, this has reduced their self worth/esteem. The fear of the unknown has made dem stick to their supposed "devil". The guy beats the living day light out of you and you still stand there to tell me that you still love him, that he will 'change'. When did you turn to a punching bag? I have no respect for a man that hits a lady and believe me, if my man hits me, even if it's by mistake, fiam I'll take to my heels. If he likes, let him come with Obama to beg for forgiveness, I'll not accept ooo, I don't want to be someone's punching bag tomorow and then keep lying to my friends that I fell off the bus cos of the bruises gotten as a result of the hiting. So, hit me not; I'm not your punching bag. If you are looking for who to hit, why not try John Cena. Mtchww.

Back then in school, my friend came crying to me that her boyfriend abused her sexually (really fighting myself from calling it rape). When I asked her to elaborate, she said, she kinda wasn't in the mood for s*x but the guy kept on pressurizing her and since he couldn't take NO for an answer, he beat her up and "abused her sexually" (that was the term she used, so I guess I'm stuck with it). The annoying thing was that after she told me that she'll stop seeing him, few days later, she continued in the relationship with the excuse that he apologised so sweetly. Sweet ke? Was she jazzed or something? Cos I couldn't really understand why she went back to him after the trauma he caused her. I got so angry and washed my hands off her case. Please, why should someone remain in an abusive relationship? I haven't really put my finger around this issue.

I detest seeing my fellow ladies suffering in silence and enduring that abusive relationship. For how long will you have to endure? I keep on reading write-ups about how people really build their mansions in an abusive relationship. Why can't you leave? Are you forced/ threatened? Aint there right authories to report a domestic violence to, my dear married people? Please someone help me out cos I really don't get it. Let's chat biko. Kindly like my page:


  1. As a man,am against violence against women in any form. As d weaker sex,we should endeavour not to abuse or ill treat them.

  2. Pam, Good thing you brought this issue up...I can relate to this post totally, i swear!!. i have been in an abusive relationship of 3 year (off and on) as in this ex of mine beat me blue black in public. i forgave him but couldnt stay up to 1 month afterwards. i just broke up cos each time I see him, I see a beast. He's been begging me to come back to him, he even called him yesterday. (my story is a long sad one which i might tell another day)

    It hurts me to see women in abusive relationship maybe because I been in that shoes before.

    thats how one man in my compound keeps beating his wife as if she was some piece of shit until she left...i dont talk to the man anymore. thats how hurt I feel when I see women being violated. I can go on and on Pam. lemme just stop here. **click tongue**

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    1. U made a right choice dear. Dey are indeed beasts. I really feel for d ladies

    2. @Pat thank God you flee. Majority of girls out there ain't ready to take that step. They start wondering where they will start from!!!

      I don't know how they do it. How will you just hit someone you say you love? Force them to have sex with you against their will?.

      I have seen girls in abusive relationship way back in school and these girls can't even leave cos the guy might even threaten them and fear sets in

      May God help us to choose rightly

  3. Most ladies are afraid of starting afresh,to them,staying in an abusive relationship is d best of two evils than starting from scratch. N often.wat we term love is infatuation. How can a man that loves u beat u? Its madness. On point @pam.

  4. There r some ladies out there that love an abusive man,a man that beats them n abuses them. Others don't . @pam,seems ur friend chose well.

  5. I can also relate with this post.i dated a. Guy back then in school named francis.when I met him he was this loving caring romantic guy.mall of a sudden bad influence,peer pressure made him joined the cult. Before then he used to beat me eehn!chai!fine geh like me beaten in. Broaad day one dares o separate or Wwe go settle am.i also gave him a. Tough time,cos how will he. Beat me,is he my daddy?even papa never raise his hand on me.the more he beatss me,d less I loved him.
    It was a trauma then,this guy will stalk my life ehhn,cos his house wasn't far from mine.
    At d long run,no one taught me nor advise me oo,i left him.he will even torture and threaten me cos I left him.i suffered but I was happy I made Ddat decision.

    1. Lmao I thought you were gonna ask for a witness in the house......Titoooooooo

      These guys sha, I wonder what goes in their brain wey dem go jst dey misbehave

    2. Awon aye ooo,she wan open my yansh for here.

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