Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Childhood dreams.

As a child, when asked on what profession I would love to become when I'm grown up, the only thought on my mind was being a lawyer. Seeing them clad in their white and black, heads held high, eloquent speech. I revered them like gods. Ohhh! Lawyers, in my eyes made other professions and occupations look benign and small.

I liked doctors, but I had and still have a morbid fear of blood that's not mine, and I hate drugs, pills, tablets, syringes, the antiseptic smell of hospitals gives me goose bumps, so, being a doctor was out of it.

What made me want to become a lawyer, you would ask, I was maybe nine or ten. A friend of the family, came to see dad. I was impressed by his English, using big grammar (though I never knew what the words meant). So from then on, I loved the profession and worked hard to become one, but thanks to JAMB and all the admission wahala, my childhood dream of becoming a SAN was shattered and I ended up studying Mass communication much to my disappointment. But you know what, it was a blessing in disguise, cos I loved studying it, though who knows, I may end up going back to study law cos I think I'm still secretly in love with that course, its not too late to learn right?

So dear friends, What was your childhood dream job and how many of you did fulfill yours? Let's chat people.
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  1. Mine was a doctor lolz

    If I hear say I fufil am. Right from secondary school I changed my mind from going to science class

    Now I work in HR and I wished I had studied Pharmacy!!!!

  2. Hahahha,as children,we all had professions that pretty cool. I wanted to b a footballer. Am a far cry from wat I wanted as a child.

  3. I loved the white dress worn by Nurses,but ironically,I hate seeing blood. Lolz. Sometimes,we outgrow our childhood dreams and face reality. Nice one Pam.

  4. Pamela is not late to study law,we used to have an elderly man in my faculty who was delirious to study law,eventually he made it through.
    Yes we still see other profession as benign and small,it's just a honorable profession even if you don't know jack shit the fact that you are a lawyer gives you an edge.
    I love my profession.
    Although my childhood dream job was to be a teacher,law was far from it.

  5. Pam come and help me with my Adsense ooo,you and catwalk pat,una hear???

  6. I wanted to become a Medical Doctor. But 'fortunately' it didn't work out. I really cannot imagine life as a Medical Doctor. *sigh*

  7. Lol, I wanted to bcom a stripper *tongueout*

  8. Opera mini self!! my big comment just vanished. well summarily, i've always wanted to be a writer but choose law on a mis informed ground(the lost big comment ) and I'm on the road to achieving both.

  9. I wanted to be a lawyer. it wasn't my dream though. my dream was to be a prolific writer. lawyer stuff was just a career choice cause i wanted a job where i Would'nt have to talk; i watched a tv program where the judge didn't make a sound till the two lawyers finished arguing and court dismissed. i didn't know i would have to do the talking before getting to the point of not talking. anyway, I'm doing the law now and on the road to achieving my dream, Yay lol. seriously o

    1. Funny you @nachi Ukeni. I don't really like talking too but with the front loading process lawyers talk less,everything has been reduced into pleadings so as a lawyer you must be a good drafter cos you will be drafting lot of processes,letters,memo etc+ you have to practice well before you can go to the bench. May God see us through our career path.

      Welcome to the honorable profession .


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