Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Let's talk about scammers 2.

Ok, I just have to continue this discussion. Did you all see Chinco bee's experience? I'm still in shock, I tell you the truth. That guy really needs to be caught and duly punished for his crimes. Anywayz, let me feed you with another experience of mine, this also happened last year.

Met this guy in one of those sites, then we migrated to facebook and continued the chat there. He told me that he was a widower and that his wife died in that Dana air crash (for a truth people were saying RIP to his wife's pics on facebook, but I don't know if she really died in dat plane crash). He went ahead to say he stays in London, likes me and would love to marry me and blablabla. He also wanted to buy wears and shoes for me and asked for my sizes which I sent too, still playing along.

The next day, he told me he had sent my goods so I should go to Abuja to pick it up, with the same lame excuse that there was no shipping route in Lagos. The only difference here is that, the shipping company wanted me to pay 12,500k. Lolz. I just told the guy that I wasn't interested, to say that he was really disappointed is an understatement.

Let me not bore you all with what happened thereafter, it was just similar to the same as yesterday's. Their plans was to scam me but God no gree them carry the little money that I'm even managing. Please and please dearies, let's be wise, guyz aint smiling at all, still in shock over what Chinco bee posted, hmmm, its not funny at all. I'm still praying they catch that thief. Can't imagine the pain he must have caused people. These people are everywhere, let's watch out for them and report them to the right authorities. God save us all.

*Biko my friends, una dey see heat? I'm roasting oo. Rain please I need you more than ever now. It's well oo. Cheers.


  1. My brother's girlfriend was actually scammed & robbed last year, they took all the money she had & sadly she was on her way to the bank to make a deposit that day. Harrowing experience for her.


  2. Nawa ooo,na person wey get money dem fit scam.me sef I be scammed. I told I receive a lot of messages ,some will tell me to redeem a prize,some will say they Ave so so amount of money they want me to receive on their behalf,I think it's high I started opening their yansh.

  3. Scam no be only wia money matter dey ooo
    U can be scammed with matters of the heart...
    When a guy promises u heaven and earth and tells u he will marry you and leads u on to the extent that all his frnds kns u and one day u hear he impregnated a gal and is about to pay her bride price...which kain scam pass dat one???

    Let's all be careful biko...
    I have a scam story buh I lost jes N1,200, e pain me gaan...reason is I no geh airtime for fone buh had to borrow to send to the idiot who promised me data bundle(den I had jes got an android fone) and MTN was dealing wiv me...

    This idiot made me send N1,200 to him and even started demanding for N300 extra...dt was wen my eyes cleared... d fool deleted me frm bbm buh befor den I alredi munched our chats,saved his pic and posted on fb...

    He is the CEO of Naija loaded.com..Makinde Azeez...that guy is a big scammer...beware!!!

    The money small ooo buh e still dey pain me till date cos If I had given lil sis dt money,d kain Aunty Chy God bless u,and beta prayers I for receive eeeh...it's well

    Pam darl...am addicted to ur blog ooo..ride on gurl


  4. Lol you and wears scammers ahahahaha nice one. I even saw a similar one to mine on Sdk today that was exposed. I won't be suprised if it's that same spybeauty that has another name as well. Foolish people

    There are some obvious scamming techniques that it's easy to know or how will you enter for a raffle draw and they will suddenly say you won something? And you have to pay to reddem the cash?

    You dint apply for a job, then they send you employment letter which they will request for money before you start? People just come up with different scamming techniques

    Some will even send you mail to congratulate you and then say you should download a form,once you open the form, they will automatically hack into your password thatz all. I was almost scammed on that cos I won a cash on a particular blog and the blogger promised to send a mail via a particular mail address so for almost two weeks I dint get the mail but I still dint bother but I got several mails from various scammers telling me to fill a form but I didn't open it cos the name was strange. Then I saw another mail from one of the winners so I opened that and the girl alerted me that I should be wary of then cos she already fell victim and that if I have opened the form, I should quickly change my password cos once the real blogger sends mail to ask for your account number, they will be the ones to send theirs

    My naija peepz won badddddt gan. They should use this skimming brain of theirs to do something legitimate and productive biko


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