Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Will you tell???

For every relationship to work, I believe there must be love, a level of compatibility and trust. The old long adage of "kissing a lot of ugly toads till you finally meet prince-charming" would be applicable here. Relationships in this case are identical. A lady may date a lot of men till she finally settles down and gets married, same is applicable to the men.

Now, is it necessary for my hubby to know of my past relationships? Would telling your current boyfriend about your exes jeopardice your relationship? Same question goes to the men too. Yes, men tend to exaggerate amongst themselves who they have bedded (helps in their egoism I guess), women lie and keep the numbers down to seem a prude to men. With their kind, it evokes gasps and wows.

The typical African man is conservative and feels threatened when it is about sex and relationships, especially when the lady seems to be "better" than him, which makes the ladies to thread carefully here. Yes, most relationships are based on lies when it comes to "how many guys/ladies did you date prior to me".

So ladies, would you tell your man the exact number of men you dated before you met him? Do you think it would change things between you both? Would his love for you wane, knowing that you had been very active? And men, you are not left out, would your lady clap for you when you tell her how "manly" you were before she arrived on the scene? Yes, sex is sacred and should be for married couples ONLY, but, that aint the case anymore.
So, ladies, would you tell him the numbers in double or triple digits and watch his mouth go open in awe or accept it, or lie and sound like a lady in the Victorian era? Men, will you honestly tell her how many ladies you've been with? #winks. Let's chat friends.


  1. Hehehehe if I know I haven't been with too many people sure I will open up but if the reverse is the class, am not sure some guys will find it funny.

    They will only see you as being loose unless they have an understanding of the circumstances leading to that.

  2. Nice post. Telling my gf abt my past relationships is tricky. U never know how women think. The sheer nos may give her sth to pause abt us. #grins

  3. Truth ke!! I tell what he needs to know. What u don't know won't hurt,would it? #zooming off

  4. na lie sure pass....heheheheheheheh

  5. it shouldn't matter if your partner has gotten to that place where they trust you absolutely. your past is just that, your PAST. but few relationships truly get there. I would tell it all seeing as there isn't much to tell, haha.

  6. i will tell him if hes matured in mind and would love to hear his, bcos of tumaooooooooooooooo


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