Thursday, 12 February 2015

LOL at this pics.

This picture is in no way related to today's post, I just find it so hilarious and i felt you'll like it too. So, still in the spirit of the season, I have something else to share with you all.

Last year, I was so single and indoor all through valentines day, thanks to the babe my last single male friend grabbed 2 weeks before Val. Mtchwww. 
Since both of us were boyfriendless and girlfriendless, we decided to hang out together to forget our singlehood since our other friends were with their La boo's. Hmmm, I was so trilled that I won't be spending Val's day alone again cos one way or another I happen to find myself single on Val's day, Lolz.

Anywayz,  a month to Val's day I began to chase away all the flies try to perch unto him, no one dares to ruin my Val's day for me, even if Agbani Darego comes I'll tell her to keep off until after feb14th. The plan seem to work until  2 weeks to Val's day.
Mike woke me up with his series of pings one fateful morning, telling me how he thinks he is head over heels in love with a girl he met in a party few days ago. In love with who? Who's that fun-spoiler, enemy of progress that's trying to spoil my fun-day for me? I tried my best to discourage him; from the girl is ugly, too skinny, she looks fake, too much make-up, over-bleached and other blabs; for where, guy man was in love. 
I was finally trilled days later when he told me that the girl traveled though and won't be back until after Val's day. But unfortunately a day to Val, he apologised for canceling on me cos Miss fun-spoiler changed her mind and was coming to town like 'santa claus' to spend Val's day with him? Chai! I felt hot tears coming down my cheek, Thank God that I wasn't face to face with him. I so wanted to spend Val's day outside my home but... Biko, Where did this babe come from? Why should she come out of the blues to take my rightful position? Though he offered that I hang out with both of them, which I declined. I couldnt just sit by and watch them do all their smoshing.

So while others were celebrating their Val, smoshing, sharing their gifts and wearing their red and white, I was glued to my TV screen watching Titanic, and crying my eyes out. I was basically the only dateless person cos even the dog in my compound had a date, his babe came visiting with love (Can you imagine that?).

After that experience I vowed that single or not I'll take myself out the coming year which happens to be this year. So come Saturday, I will be having so much fun, No dulling.  Don't know yet what I'll be doing, but it'll surely be fun. So to all the single people out there, it's not that bad to be alone especially on Val's day. Take yourself out, buy yourself a nice gift, do something to make you happy, visit the less privileged, and most especially smile and be the happy single person. Luv ya, muahh.


  1. Boys r not smiling. This val rough. All the cash that guys had ,were spent on lobbying the election holds. Pam,if u cook rice for val or u get gift for me,pls inbox me. Thanks

  2. Everyday is love day. @ur pix,hmmmmmmmmmmm. #just passing

  3. Val can be celebrated whenever you want.

    Too bad I will be @work. So lemme see who will celebrate val for me!!!!!

  4. I don't really see Valentine as a big deal. i wake up on that day like its every other day and then remembr because of texts i receive. my sister was angry that i didn't send her val text last year and i was like hian! didn't know texts are normally sent o! anyways have fun o, i sleep in and go through your blog, that's my fun.

  5. Hahaha,Pam please console yourself, your eyes don see for all these guys. Pele,your Bobo is on the way don't give up.
    As for me,I have no plans for valentine.

  6. I just heard that valantine has been canceled...please is it just me or did someone else hear it too?


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