Monday, 23 February 2015

The RANTS of Me.

The time is 1.39am, and I'm yet to shut my eyes. O yea sleep, where art thou? This body needs the rest for what awaits it today. Its Monday morning, what am I expecting when I leave the house?
The traffic, the angry conductors calling forth passengers, the fumes from the buses on an already jam-packed road, people walking on the road fighting to be awake, others having the remainder of their precious sleep in the bus. Hmmm, flashing back to few days ago, an angry passenger cried out "I got home by 11pm last night cos of traffic, slept in the heat all thanks to PHCN, and here I am on the road again. All these things we do to make ends meet, at the end of the day we work like elephants and eat like ants". I could feel the pain in his voice alone. Ohh, What a life.

Its 1.48am, and I'm still staring at my ceiling in the dark, having showered close to six times only this night, all thanks to PHCN. I can't afford to run my "I pass my neighbor generator" all through the night cos it consumes fuel not water and my stipends cant afford that. We leave in a society whereby electricity has become a luxury. A place whereby when there is electricity for 8hrs in a day, we know that the light bills will soon get to our doorstep, where when we see light we say "aah, wetin happen? Nepa dey give light now ooo". Imagine the irony. Isn't that supposed to be kinda our right? Aint we supposed to be entitled to 24hrs light? Aint we called the Giants of Africa? Aint we rich enough to enjoy all the luxuries, richer than some other countries out there?
Why isn't there enough jobs for our graduates? Why should we leave the rich shores of this country in chase of greener pastures out there? Aint we blessed enough with resources? Why do the rich become richer and the poor poorer? Why are there so many uncompleted projects, bad roads and all? Why are there so many killings? Why are 'our girls' still missing?

Its 1.58am, and my mind is still puzzled on how rich a nation feels so poor. Hmm, my mind is heavy and bleeds for my dear country Nigeria. With this I ask, what is the way forward? I RANT in great pain knowing fully well that things that I may have blocked in time past isn't utterly blocked, I'm grieved so deeply by the happenings in my dear country.

Its 2.00am Monday morning, and as I lay down my pen, I pray for my beloved country Nigeria. God save us from the snares of the fowler and guide us into our promised land. It is well with us all cos we shall overcome. May He provide us with the 'Joseph' of our time to save us from famine of any form. God bless Nigeria. God bless us.

N/B: Do not forget to pray for Nigeria, she needs our daily prayers.


  1. my sister, if one is to just sit still and really think about the situation of this our country eh, we'll be tempted to just give up & throw ourselves off a cliff or move to the village and become yam/ cassava farmers, hehehe, which I dare say sounds frightfully harder than facing Lagos traffic & the endless to-ing & fro-ing to jobs everyday. we can only keep looking unto God for strength & doing our bit to ensure things change for the better, we can start by voting....yes, including you Pamela for I distinctly recall you saying you haven't gotten your voters card yet. girl, you've got to shake a leg o.

  2. True talk Pam, you said it all. I don't know what to say again.

  3. Let me not just add my own cos we will all keep ranting

    We just keeping praying to God to do what our government is meant to do. We should be asking God for mercy, long life, prosperity blah blah blah.

    People should face their job description biko

    Am glad these generation youths are really becoming more of self starters even those that have paid jobs are doing one thing or the other to support themselves rather than wait for these self centered leaders.

    It is well. Nigeria will be better in Jesus Name

  4. My sister,e no easy for naija. ...*nd the politicians claim that they will come n right every wrong,r they God? Just do the little u can,till the naija we want emerges.#smiles

  5. Dear Pamela,the situation in this country is really worrisome. Only God will save us. Everyday we strive ,struggle,hustle n juggle as much as we can to make ends meet. One day,we go hammer. Don't give up on naija. #ur vote counts


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