Saturday, 28 February 2015

Keep holding on.

I just have this strong feeling to throw a word of encouragement to someone out there. Yes, this world is really not a bed of roses like the Nollywood movies make us believe. Its filled with so much thorns that you kinda wonder "when will this all end?" 

Some of us have lost hope of tomorrow cos it seems like all our efforts are being put to vain. Your parents have suffered to put you through school and when its time for you to finally put a smile on their faces, Gbam! You are hit with unemployment, even though you graduated with a first class, hmmm. You are the best student in your class but because of the nature of the economy, you can't write WAEC with your mates. 
Most of us wake up to a new dawn with same old problems, wrong job, no work, no money, bad and bitter relationships, depression, anger and all that. We blame the government for not providing enough jobs and PHCN for lack of light, our blame pointing goes to every and anyone that has a hand in what is wrong with the economy and us.

Whatsoever the case may be, don't give up, weeping may endure for the night but surely joy cometh in the morning. God will make a way where there seems to be no way, He works mysteriously. So my dear, keep holding on. Have a blessed day my lovelies.


  1. Tanx Pam..... The piece is really encouraging

    The ability to believe in these words matters, our belief that truly, this weeping or hard times are just for a short while

    May God answer our prayers and fulfil our desires at the right time in Jesus Name

  2. Deny a man anything but hope. We will hold on to hold strong. God help us IJN.Amen.

  3. Nice encouraging words Pam...Happy new month.

  4. It is well even in the well


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