Thursday, 19 February 2015

What's with guys and BOOBS??

As ladies, we have been taunted, abused, booed, jeered with catcalls and outright hand signals. Women have been abused physically, emotionally and mentally. The female gender has for centuries been the brunt of the male. Some abuse are not only physical, but with innuendos and mere stares. Na office own dey pain me pass, a lady will walk pass and men will not only look, but stare and ogle, attimes even lost in d lookery, nawaoo.

Not only in Naija that men are fond of staring at a girl's breast, it happens everywhere too. A well endowed lady walked past me one day and I overheard some guys saying how "blessed " she was; the way she eyed them, they had no choice but to respect their old age. Before nko, what where they expecting?  As if she was supposed to say "Thank you"??? (rolls eyes).
Biko, are boobs and ass the only thing on a woman's body? When you see guys huddle and talk, it's mostly about a woman or football (abii, i dey lie?).

I watched a Naija music video the other day and I cried out. The lady was walking down the road and the  guy after staring at the boobs just ran after her, held her hand and then they swapped numbers. (just like that?).  Do that really happen in real life? The slap wey go follow the guy go be like say na plane jam am. mchwww.
I had an experience once where I was talking to a man and all he could do was stare at my chest the whole time, i immediately snapped him back to reality and reminded him that my eyes are on my face not my chest. If na obodo America, I would sue him for sexual harassment, wetin na?
Terms like "peak milk producer", "bobby" and so many terms are used to identify the female chest. Thanks to timaya, "ukwu" and "ikebe" are the known names for ass.

So I ask, guys, is it only the boobs and ass you notice in a ladies body? na only ikebe and bobby una dey see for our body?
Hmmm, in sunny nneji's voice "dis Ikebe (and boobs) go put you for wahala ooo"

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  1. The thing that gets most guys attention r boobs,the bigger the more ur stared at,n most gals know the effect it has on guys n package well. Look all u can. U can't touch.

  2. We men r moved by wat we c, n looking is free abi? Pamela,no blame us na?

  3. If I were a guy na butt I will be crazy about.i dont really like big boobs(no homo)hahahaha,but I think guys stare more at butt than boobs.

  4. Its amazing...the stare makes some of us feel like its a burden,its all gud though!

  5. help me ask them oooo lol . gloriafines.blogspot. com

  6. @ anon 19:20 "u re moved by wat u c" yes buh z nt a guarantee 2 undress a gal with ur eyes...kilode!!! @ pamela tot am d only 1 tryin 2 find d ansa 2 d boobs n ass disease suffered by mehn. Dt of d boobs stare can b so annoyin!! Left 4 me eeh...stare @ my ass no p buh stare @ my boobs n i'd mke u blind instatntly! Guys wetin sef, dey swear 4 una?

  7. Please help me ask them oooo!!!!!

    Even the ass at times, I wonder what thrills them in it and of cause they will surely make remarks once you pass.....Cos even the boobs will surely crave for attention. And that of music videos, thatz their selling points, it's either boobs or ass!!!!

  8. 1) That's the first part that attracts a man to any lady, the attraction may be for jokes or for chemical reaction that it triggers at times in a man's body.
    2) Naturally men only, suck and touch breast for the rest of their live, women don't, unless na "LEXUS WOMEN".

    3) Breast being so soft and succulent, whenever men sees one, they make comparisons with ones they have seen or touch. Sometimes imagine how soft it will be.

    3) Women being endowed with mountains and valley (curves) makes them a point of attraction.

    4) At first what you see moves, later on interaction we'll come to discover more goodies / characters in her.... Agbara R.

  9. The point where they are (BOOBs) situated are so clear that no matter your distance from a lady, the first thing a man will see is always the boobs and the ass when she passes by. This position cannot be changed reason been that they are FIXED ASSETS.

  10. Don't blame them,no be their fought na so God create them. The boobs n d ass is always d centre of attraction for men n their is nothing u ladies can do about it, I tell u dis we luv it n we don't joke wit it.

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