Sunday, 8 February 2015

Love and Infatuation.

Love and infatuation, words commonly and often used interchangeably, but mean different things. A famous quote that "love makes a mockery of all men" is the closest to the truth. There isn't a difference between a fool and a wise man when both are in love. See life? Love makes people mugus, renders us delusional. It also makes us make a complete public mockery of our own self. And yet, given a choice, we'd gladly fall in love every single time, over and over again. When in love, you are more or less commited to the other person.

Everything goes in the name of love, but does this also apply in the even of an infatuation? Certainly not, because infatuation simply happens to be a poor, lame cousin of love, unworthy of state of mind.

Infatuation isn't love. It feels like love. Its fleeting. One minute it's there, the next, its no more. It is basically about attraction. Each and everyone one of us , if truth be told has been infatuated with someone or had a crush on a person before (Story about mine another day.#winks).

Now, how do you know when you're in love or its just mere infatuation? Is there a sign to decipher one from the other? I hear men fall in love more often than ladies(can I hear d ladies shout?#cheering). Love, to most men is like seasons, it comes often and changes. But again, I know of few ladies that can fall in-love before you even say "JACK". Yes, to them that's how easy falling in love is to them.

As ladies, how do you know you're in love with that man? Laughing at his jokes, being with him, sharing and giving all? If you're really in love with him, can you take him to meet your folks? Can you fart in his presence? (Lolz). How do your friends see him? Do you have butterflies in your tummy whenever you are with him? Do you stay up late at night dreaming of seeing him the next day?

Men, do you feel like a man when with her? Do you miss her voice every time when you're not with her? Can you show her to your parents and friends ? Can you know her past and still love her like you never knew? Can you give her your time and listen to her as she talks about her day ?

Come on, let's chat about the difference between both. Tell us your experiences. Cheers.


  1. How will I know d difference? Can I be in love n infatuated at the same time? Love hard ooooo

  2. Pamela,which men fall in love more easily? I believe in love,yes it develops like a seed . Infatuation is like puppy love, a cheap high. Infatuation isn't skin deep. Love brings to fore everything abt the person,her flaws,strengths n all. Keep it up.

  3. Infatuation is not a feeling I've ever had, but love is beautiful when it's reciprocated. But when one person is left holding the short end of the stick, it's another story altogether. Hiya Pam.

  4. I felt love when I met my hubby but was forming hard to know nah.lolz

  5. I don't like the phrase 'falling in love'.Falling was and is never a good thing(ask satan and Adam)...but i do believe in 'growing in love.'

  6. Biko I have been in love before so I know that feeling. Too bad it wasn't mutual so now I have given the guys an open cheque to do the loving...I can still manage that than when it's d other way round

  7. Love is sweet ooo...*covers face*
    I have bin infatuated once buh na long story...
    Love is deeper and stronger!!!


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