Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How dictating can you be in your relationship?

First of all, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all my friends and for making my birthday the best. Didn't know I was soo loved. Thank you for the gifts, calls, messages, PM's, DP's, shout outs and all, May God continually bless and reward you all, Amen.

A Couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of being amongst some friends. A male friend in our midst was telling us how down spirral his love life had gone (Your ears are all perked up abii, mine was too. lol). He was dating a georgous lady, same tribe(won't tell you which) lol. Both are working, so financially they won't be called poor. The girlfriend had a knack of telling the guy what to do and what not to do. How long to spend at a party, what to wear, how to eat, how much to spend et al, and he put up with all these cos he really loved her, and despite the oppositions he got from his friends and even the girls brothers, he kept on dating her.

Ladies, men as much as they are kids and big babies (sorry guys), they hate being treated as one.
He lamented that the straw that broke the camel's back was wen he wanted to travel for a wedding with the girlfriend in a different state, and being the best-man he was persuaded by his friend to buy the expensive suit for the wedding, his girlfriend even begged him to buy it too cos he didn't really want to waste such much money to buy a suit he'll just wear for a day, so he did. But unfortunately for her, two days to the wedding, she wasn't granted a leave in the office, so she couldn't travel with him for the wedding, and thus, she saw no need of him traveling either. She insisted that if she isn't attending the wedding, he has no reason to go too. Na so I open mouth look the guy as he talked. To be double sure I was hearing well, yours truly asked again, he replied same.

To cut the long story short, he angrily left for the wedding and while returning, he decided to end their two- year long relationship on d grounds that the girlfriend was self imposing, very dictating and trying to run his life. The girl couldn't have any of it and tried so hard to tarnish his image by spoiling his friendship with his friends, but since his friends trusted him and knowing the kind of girl she was, they didn't believe the lies. Please note, this guy is a very patient guy, so for him to have lamented this way, the girl must have really over stepped her bounds. Now the question is , why try to change someone from who he/she is to what you want them to be? A perfect toy or something else? Let's chat friends.

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  1. @ pam,most gals don't want a man that has a will. A man that do her biddings and is at her beck and call is who they need. Guys now don wise up

  2. I detest girls that control their men like remote.i can't even relate with the post cos am not a domineering wife

  3. You are welcome

    A guy that can't act like a man in a relationship so what do you expect? A man that can't make right decisions and do what is right ofcaus the lady will take over. Some guys just don't get it right. You have to tell them what to do, how to plan for their life. Infact if you ain't careful, they will think you are pushing them too hard

    Pam I have been there so I know. If a guy acts right, then the woman won't dominate the relationship. But if na mumu wey no get vision, sorry ooooo he will be controlled!!!!! It doesn't speak well of the lady as well but someone should be the MAN in the relationship


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