Saturday, 7 February 2015

Guest Post: Caught in da act.

Hello Pam, abeg chop knuckle wella. I get tatafo gist wey just land for my lodge lastnight. Heheehe! One girl for my lodge na correct player; you as a guy go think say you be player until you jam this babe. My dear, she go beat you hands down, she be beta runs girl, I throway salute for her sef. Anywayz, e get one broz wey she no dey use play shaa. Both of them love themselves no be small. Did I forget to mention that she's also runsing the landlord's son anytime he comes back from london? Lolz.

Anywayz, landlord's son landed recently come spoil Kemi scatter, him paint the town red with her shaa, come scatter her with gifts finish, me sef I use style jealous oo. All these things na behind the back of her main guy 'Okoro'. You knw that adage 'everyday na for the thief, one day na for the owner', come catch Kemi. She and landlord pikin don schedule to go out with landlord pikin friends, omo, Kemi fine yesterday nite oo, but before she fit enter landlord car, main guy 'Okoro' come show.

 Hey! It happened as if it was info cos the way he dashed into the compound eeh, with anger and all, Kemi come freeze, landlord son come suspect foul play. Main guy 'Okoro', waka go where Kemi dey, drag her commot from the car come dey shout ooo. Chai! E pain me say my antenna no long reach where dem dey upon how say I try. I just dey see Kemi dey beg main guy, dey beg landlord pikin. Landlord pikin vex, enter motor, zoom off with his friends. E be like say main guy 'Okoro' tell Kemi make she no ever call am for him life again, him come waka commot. Chai! My antenna fuck up ooo. Na so Kemi come stay for there dey wish make ground open make she fall inside. She come look around see as all the tatafo neigbours dey look am, she just waka commot (maybe to the next guy man house. Lolz). Ok, na so e happen for my side today. The names used aren't their real names though. Have a nice day.

*Heheheeheh, I laugh oo. Chai! See gobe. But babe, we need a new antenna for you oo. Who knows what they said? Anyways, this gist made my day. Thanks jare. Eehm, if any update comes up. Holla. Lolz.


  1. see gobe!she don loose both guys no doubt.

  2. Wetin she de cry?Abi she no bin sabi say one day boyfriend and acting boyfriend go jam?

  3. Lol make London bobo take chill pill naw!!!!

    Why Okoro show up sef? He just spoil runs for kemi!!!

    See disgrace


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