Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day Dearies.

I had this well constructed letter that I wanted to write to INEC, wanted to vent all my anger towards them cos of the election fixed on valentines day, but I guess the spirit of this season entered their heads which made them postpone it.

God don catch all those guyz trying to dodge their boo-hood responsibilities with the excuse of election, sorry for una. Lolz. No more "babe no val dis year, let's go support naija by casting our votes", instead you'll have to go out to perform your boohood duties (please, don't take it the wrong way oo), and thank God today is Saturday, enjoyment okpo.

Ehm friends, you guyz should be careful shaa if not we shall see results November this same year, you know what I mean. Lolz (remember that pics?). So as you are doing all those things with laboo, remember I'll be watching you all on 4D. Lolz.

Happy valentines day to you and yours. Don't forget to share with us how you spent it wit la boo. As for me, I'll be having dis candle light dinner, rose petals all around, looking into my IMAGINARY la boo's eyes and asking him lovingly "Guy, how long do I have to wait for your arrival?" Lolz. #kidding. Anywayz, you all should have a swell day.
As usual, all my malefriends are taken once again, so I'll be having fun all by myself today, (I don't mind going out with a good Samaritan though, lolz). So happy Val to you my lovely friends. Kisses and hugs, xoxo, Muuaaahhh. #bigredlipskisses. Love you all like kilode. Abeg chop kiss again, muaahhh. God Bless you all.


  1. happy Valentines day Pam & everyone else, do not spend ur day looking out for gifts & worldly cares in general, turn your thoughts to God & heavenly things. hehehe.

  2. Yaaay! Happy Val Fam!

  3. Happy valentine dear Pamela.'s a pity La go work today. Lah office people La wicked mehn.

    1. Chai! La office people La wicked ooo. Its well dear

  4. Good samaritan alert! Unfortunately, my goodwill cannot extend beyond Ibadan at the moment. I intend to have a good time on my own and you should too. Self-love is awesome. You get to treat yourself, go and see whatever movie you like, eat whatever you like and do anything else that pleases you today. Take full advantage of it o. Once bae enters the picture, you cannot do your own thing without first consulting him.

  5. Happy Vals Day

    Well I spent mine in the office so nothing special. I got back home and retired on my bed

  6. Happy vals day sorry its coming late jare#toomuchdrinking
    Hope you had fun


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