Friday, 6 February 2015


I'm an anniversary freak, lolz. When something good happens me, I make it a point of duty to celebrate it. I once dated a guy who I forced into celebrating our anniversary every month, hehehe, he didn't like it initially, but with time he loved it. So make una no vex oo cos na so e go be for here too, Lolz.

So my darlins, it's Pammie's crib one month anniversary (1 month only? Seems like 1 year. Lolz). Hmm, I must confess its been a long thing, hasn't been easy at all. You needed to see me writing the first post, all the English disappeared, I slept with the paper and pen still in my hand, Lolz.

 There was a day that I almost gave up, I wanted to delete the blog, but a little voice in me said 'you can do it'. My mum on d oda hand even though she wasn't really into blogs and all also encouraged me too 'Ugo nne, dnt give up, you can do this '. I had so many supports from people and thanks to them and you all, here we are today, Yipppy (popping champaign).

I thank u all, you've been amazingly wonderful. Thanks for bearing with my gramaticals, chai! Me sef I surprise for my English. Lolz. Thanks for commenting; my numerous anonymous people, Chinco bee, Bolatito, and so many more. Thanks for the viewership and I know with time God will touch your hearts to comment too, lolz. Thanks to the guest posters (abeg I need many more of guest post, make my work easy guyz). Thanks for the criticisms and all, and most especially, I thank Baba God for leadin me this far cos I knw He'll see me through.
So to all of my friends I say, HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY. Hip hip hip! Hurray!!! I love love love you all. Abeg chop kiss muuaahhhh! Keep on coming, I promise not to disappoint. Cheers!!!


  1. Wow Pam! Just 1 month? you are sure doing great. Congrats!!!

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  2. Bravo!just one Month?wow... More views,more traffic,to your blog in the coming month
    Congrats!thanks for the mention.

  3. Lol, I pity d guy sha. Happy anniversary . More ink to ur pen.

  4. More one month anniversaries,till u enter years. Keep up d good work.

  5. Happy Anniversary sweets! Yaaaaay! I hope to be one of ur guest posters soon! Keep the good work going love! Muuuuaaah!

  6. Nwanyi, u didn't acknowledge me. Ok am out.

    1. Chai! Maddam, I'm so sorry. You are indeed among the first people that motivated me. I'm indeed so sorry. Pls 4give me, nd don't stop doing what you are doing. God Bless.

  7. It's a lie....Just one month? thatz impressive.... you will get better if you can achieve all this in just one month then the future is gonna be bright

    Tanx dear....I see me up there.....Welldone




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