Monday, 9 February 2015

Let's talk about Scammers.

Sometime last year, a friend introduced me to a site where I can meet and chat up with differnt people, so out of boredom I did and I received so many friend requests as fine gal wey I be. Lolz. Just few days into the site, a particular guy became interested in me and kept bugging me about his love for me and blablabla. He then told me he stays in London and will love to buy few things and send them to me here in Nigeria. I just smiled and decided to play along shaa, he then asked me my sizes in wears, shoes and all, hmm, I sent them.

The next day, he sent me a chat that he has sent two boxes and a carton filled with clothes, shoes, bags, human-hairs, laptops, Iphones, and so many more. He then gave me the tracking number, the phone number and name of the shipping company in Abuja. I asked him why he couldn't send it to Lagos at once, he said there was none coming to Lagos except Abuja, PH and Calabar. All these while I was laughing my head off and had already informed my friend that introduced me to the site what was going on.

Still playing along, I called the shipping company in Abuja and gave them all the information the guy gave to me, they confirmed the arrival of the luggages (already), and asked me to come pick up but since I stay in Lagos, it will cost me 30k through DHL, 30 gini (what)? I and my friend fell down in laughter. See scammers ooo. I just chatted the guy up and informed him that I'm not interested again, he began to beg and told me to go clear it that there's money in the laptop bag, that if I don't clear it they'll keep charging his credit card. (Imagine?).

Meanwhile, shipping company people were also calling me to come clear my goods and I can pay half the money if I can't pay all. When the guy saw I wasn't going to fall for his scams, he sent a chat about being disappointed in me, then I gave him his life history. Lolz. Yes, I met some cool people through that site but I also met a lot of scammers. Lolz. I just wonder how many girls fall for this sweet talk of theirs. Nawaoo.

Hehehehehehe, just earlier today, a friend of mine came to show me an email supposedly sent to her by Western Union Money Transfer people. They told her that she just won a lottery of 800,000 US dollars, so she should go claim it in any Western Union accredited bank. I couldn't just stop laughing. She kept on asking if its real or not, I just told her to go confirm in her bank but I could also smell the rat on that too (na scam oo).

Chai! How far can these scammers go, biko. Hmm, I have few other experiences which I would have loved to share with you all, but I'll just stop here. Thank God say I sharp small and I get sharp friends. So, do you have any to share? Let us know. Lolz.


  1. Lolz. Hahahhahhahah. U never see sth. Na naija we dey na. As igbo gal concerned,u sharp. #jobman cannot job jobman

  2. I get scam mails about business proposals but I can't say I've encountered any in real life. I'd slap the
    taste outta their mouths. Send their jaws flying. No joke!

  3. Haaaa Pam I have one to share but it's a longgggg story and it's on instagram. Lemme see if I can summarise it. There is this guy that poses to be a lady on IG and displays women stuffs like shoes, bags, clothes, weave on etc and he gets to you by liking your picture then he adds you instantly. Normal thing na, you will see the goods whenever he displays it and you will be interested and when you ask for the price,the only thing he says is "add us on whatsapp to make your orders". So when you add him on whatsapp, you show the pic of what you like and gives you the price. Then you send money and he sends the goods. You know where the scamming starts? First thing is that those goods don't exist, when you send the money, he asks for your IG name so they can use it tag your goods. But na lie ooo. He needs the name to block you off IG and will automatically block you on whatsapp.

    I introduce a friend that wants to start selling shoes and all to the person so she planned to go to ibadan to go get them, na so she find this shop tire wey she no see. I now asked the seller what happnd, "she said "I travelled to the east cos am having issues with my hubby" and my shop is very popular ooo, she should have asked around hehehehe. All this while, I dint have time to investigate the fool cos I was so busy. Later I went thru his page and got contacts of like 6-7girls and told them to hit me on whatsapp that I need to ask them something urgently .so the first girl contacted me and guess what she said? Lol to be continued!!!! Kikikikiki

    Biko typing no easy ooooo

  4. She said she was duped of 400k I mean four hundred thousand, another one was 25k, another was 4k, my own was 19k but me just dey laff at my stupidity but it wasn't painful cos my friends gave me 3500 to help them buy office flat shoe ooo but I just dint follow my instant and even after a week that I didn't get the goods, it just dint bother I think that was how the guy forgot to delete me so all the while I was investigating, I was still on the page and that was how I got the contact of those ladies. Wo, the thing no pain me ooo cos if you know how bad I have spoilt his market hehehehe na another long story. I be detective ooo Pam lol

    So after he blocked me, I opened a fresh IG account, so I started chatting with him via another line on whatsapp as someone interested in the goods and guess what?he played along and has been telling me fresh lies so I was acting as well. This guy is good at what he does. Meanwhile I have written all the banks he uses, sent the account numbers to them and also I got fresh account numbers from him and wrote those banks as well. So I kept contacting the girls on IG via my original IG account to warn them. You won't believe one was about to pay 555k and another wanted to pay 250k but some had already fallen victim. Sofar I have told like 200 girls and he still uploads goods on that page. He finally knew I caught him cos I send him a composed msg to abuse him so he blocked me but unfortunately, he didn't know my user name cos I changed everything but I still exist there lol. He thinks he is wise. Till date am still on that page and alerting people. He always steals those pictures..I still carry him matter for head. I met one babe that works with GTB who almost fell victim but she is also on his case so this guy will be caught.I have a special book where I write the supposed buyers handles so I mark those that have already been contacted. Even some of those girls were so grateful that they want me to hang out with them atleast to say thank you but I no dey interested. My detective work dey more important. I haf spoil market for am.

    The IG name is spybeauty_classy_outlet...

    Will send the whatsapp number for whosoever is ready to order for goods ahahahahahaha.

    Biko I dey office jare. But am enjoying the work!!!!He will lose more than he bargained for!!!!

    1. Heeeeey! Babe, are u serious? I didn't know when I screamed my head off. Dis guy needs to be caught. Heyy! Chinco bee, keep on doing the good work. He must be caught, I'll check him out on instagram. Hmmm, we need a force person to follow him too so he'll be caught. I tink I need to keep talkin abt this scamming tin from time to time so people will stop falling prey to this. Please, if u have anoda one to share, send a mail to me so I'll post it biko. Hey! Naija pple. Hmmm.

  5. Yes Oooo babe... Infact he doesn't pick call and when you call, he acts like a woman with the way he talks. at times when he calls me he will be like "N25,000" and am like are you talking to me? He would say oh no, am talking to another customer in portharcourt so I will now say do you supply people that far? she would say even Ghana, UK, south Africa. For real she does ooo cos she duped a lady I spoke with as well said she is in SA and she paid $110 to him. I know he will surely be caught. And I know he uses ATM cos he would hardly go to the bank and once he has a problem with that account, he would never step his feet in that bank.

    But I still dey ontop him matter. He will never see anyone to dupe again...

    The numbers are 08165906222 08066574324 08169698611

  6. I receive loads of scam and spam messages in my mail box everyday ,I don't even bother to click nor check,who get their sef I be proper Lagos girl,Before you scam sef,I don shave ya head.
    Thank God for God.

  7. chinco b don pay mugun na so shaa


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