Thursday, 5 February 2015

Sex Education and it's misconceptions.

Looking at the neighbors children playing around my compound so cheerfully yesterday evening, i  immediately took notice that one of the girl's was deliberately trying to avoid the only boy in their group, that got me curious but before i could even fathom that, I overheard the girl tell d boy "don't touch me, my mummy said if a boy touches me I'll get pregnant". WHAT? Do parents still say that?

I remember growing up too, and my mum will say that to me(sorry mum. Lol), but we all know that it wasn't true at all, though later before I got admission into the higher institution, she sat me down and gave me the most annoying sex talk ever (I so hated sex pep talks and always found a way to dodge those sessions but believe me, i learnt alot).
I think that some parents are too shy to give their kids sex pep talks so they choose to scare them with the "don't allow a boy touch you..." talk, but the thing is, one way or another they get to know the truth through their peers, deceit and experience, and that's why there are so many teen pregnancies these days. 

Indeed when a matured guy touches a matured girl, she gets pregnant, but you need to go indepth in your explanations. It isn't mere touch, sex must be involved. I remember running away when a guy wants to touch my hand back then. Hmmm, it wasn't really funny.

Biko, mothers tell your children the truth. Point out their privates and tell them that it's only theirs and no one is permitted to touch it. Give them the best sex education and advices. Please don't allow them learn it from their peers cos most of them are practical masters. Don't be shy to talk sense into them, teach them about abstainance, and other things.

An old friend of mine said she knew what condom was as early as 10 years old courtesy of her parents. They actually told her what it was during one of the sex education sessions, and everything she learned during the sessions with her parents really helped her overcome all the sexual pressure that came latter in life.

So my darling parents and would be parents, give your kids the best sex education they deserve. It's kinda their right shaa (I think). Start early to educate them no matter how uncomfortable you are or they are, say it. Stop with the whole "if a guy touches u, you'll get pregnant", its not fair to them, stop it so they'll not make mistakes in life. Na my 2 kobo advice be that. See ya.


  1. Like what my pastor will say,Pastor Nomthi Odukoya teach them as early as 1 year*so early,right? No it is not,and parents should stop saying that bullshit,say it as it is.let them know the difference between a p*u...Y and a pe*is .don't neglect the boy child.let him know the consequence of consent and all. We are in the computer age,children learn very very fast compared to when we were growing up. Above all parents should be very very observant and sensitive

  2. Is d practicals included in d lectures? Lolx. Nice

  3. Nice write. Though kids now would not be as scared as us then when sex education class starts.

  4. Due to our culture,sex education is rarely taught. Everything I learnt on d subject was through my seniors and personal experience. Sex should be a taboo. #zooming off

  5. Due to our culture,sex education is rarely taught. Everything I learnt on d subject was through my seniors and personal experience. Sex should be a taboo. #zooming off


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