Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lets talk about Football.

Few days ago, I was watching some guys arguing heatedly about football, one of them even tried to throw a punch at the other because of this. I just stared at them in disbelieve even as I wondered what the craze was all about.Years ago, I had a friend who was a football crazed fanatic. He so much loved his football club that if his club lost, he would not eat, be depressed and totally be irritant. I will not disclose the English club (oops) did I say English? Lol. 
I remember few years ago, Nigeria was playing with Argentina on the final stage, the match was so tensed that I almost developed a heart attack, Nigeria lost the match though while I almost died. Since then, I stopped holding football so dearly biko.
There are millions of football lovers all over the globe. I'm may be one of them though and may not know or identify every player and name with the club logo, but I know when a goal is scored. (Hahahaha). I know Messi and Ronaldo (hmmm, I loved Ronaldo but not anymore joor). I know Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and the list winds down.

Growing up, I didn't watch much of football but thanks to the advent of cable, viewing centres have sprung forth everywhere. As if that wasn't enough, betting outlets can now be seen everywhere and anywhere.
Sprouts of viewing centres and betting outlets have helped increase the love for football in Naija and all over the world. A friend told me about the brother's craze for football. Before he goes to watch his team play, the mum practically begs him to eat first, cos if the team loses, hmmm, no eating and it's long face he'll carry all through the day. 

Stories like this are common, of fights breaking out and all that, for what reason? Players and teams you may not ever see? No be me and you ooo.
Mind you, I may like football, but I don't like fanatism. I don't like seeing people who think that everything is all about them and their team; people that take losing to mean failing.Yesterday, some teams did win, lose and others drew, the world didn't end, did it? These players are out there in Europe and all over, raking in obscene amounts and you are here cursing, crying and taking it out on any and every one. Remember "you can never win always". Please, life na 'jeje'.


  1. Don't mind these our Nigerian guys,they love ball like kilode. Thank God hubby doesn't love ball.*tongue out*

  2. Most guys love football more than their spouses sef. U dare not disturb them when they are cheering for their team. N wen their team lose,hmmm,na ur body go tell. #zooms off

  3. Football lovers will never hear so allow them have heart attack ontop

    It's Nigeria match that really gives me serious concentration...

    Some fans are truly loyal to football ooo and I carry yansh for them!!!

    1. My dear, no be small carryin nyash ooo. Dem dey try no be small. Lol


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