Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My SS2 crush.

Ok, it's that time of the year again called valentine's day. That season when lovers enjoy a romantic time-out together, candle-light dinner, exchange of gifts and all. Thank God that this years vals day falls on the weekend, so enough flexing. Please oo, you all should also remember the less priviledge too, show them love biko, they also deserve to be loved too. So, having said this, I'll like to share something interesting with you all today.

Back in my SS2 days, a new boy was given admission into my school and mehn he was a mathematics guru/wizard. Ikechi (not real name) was the male version of beauty with brains. O boy, I glued to him oo cos I needed to tap into that maths anointing, didn't plan on developing a crush on him but along the line it happened (you can't joke with matters of the heart. Lolz).
Anywayz, I was always sitting close to him in the combined mathematics class, and basically copied all his answers during maths test (Chai, olodo), he was a science student while I was an art student. Ikechi was also a good tutor and with the way he always comes to me, I thought the feeling was mutual.

Fast-forward to Val's day that year, I just knew that I'll get a beautiful Val's frame from him,  infact I dreamt about it. You see, Val's day in my school was da bomb and sorry to you if you didn't have a boo. Lolz. So many exchange of gifts and romance in the air. Girls always look forward to that day cos the guys will shower them with lots of gifts. Hmmm, I secretly hoped and prayed that Ikechi will be the one to give me my first Val's gift atleast before I graduate biko.

Anywayz, back to the story. On that beautiful Val's day, I made sure I looked really good, brushed my well cut hair, applied powder including my mum's perfume (thank God she didn't catch me, na pepper o), ironed my uniform well and set-off to receive my Val's frame in school. I patiently waited till closure of school hours to receive it cos that's the time the gifts were usually exchanged, also a little birdie told me that he saw Ikechi with a frame, Hmmm, my joy really knew no bounds, so finally I'll receive my gift.

The closing bell rang, and while others were rushing out of the class, I stalled in class pretending as if I was reading a novel, na lie, I was waiting for Ikechi to bring my gift. Immediately I sighted him coming towards me with a perfectly wrapped percel, my heart sank. I almost fainted. He then started telling me how wonderful I was and how he appreciates being being friends with me... I zoned out, wasn't interested in anything he was saying, what I cared about was that frame in his hand. "I'll love it if you will appreciate this little token of friendship, it's not much but with the spirit of today I'm giving it to you from my heart of hearts", he said.

I had the widest grin ever, even as I out-stretched my hand to receive my precious Val frame, but WHAT THE H**L, no no no, this isnt happening, I blinked twice to confirm it but yes it was still there, Ikechi's "heart of heart "gift to me was, was a #20 peak milk. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I could barely say 'thank-you' to him even as I watched him leave. Who owns the frame??? I felt hot tears but  fought them. I just needed to know who he was going to give the frame. When I found out that it was NK, my heart sunk. I didnt expect that at all, Didn't even know they were a couple. My heart was broken while I left the school that day with my Val's gift of #20 peak milk. I didn't know when the tears trickled down my cheeks on my way home, tears of disappointment. I couldn't even face my sister when I got home cos she laughed at me to stupour. 

So my dears, that was how I was robbed off my Val's gift. As for Ikechi, whatever we had together was officially over, including the maths tutorials. Lolz. 
Do you have any? Holla in the comment section. Cheers.


  1. Going by what u write,ur life must be one hell of a roller coaster. I envy him. Lolz.

  2. Hahahahahhahaha...I laffed so hard.
    Ikechi is a crook ooo..

    My val story is a bit long...will share it some oda day...It turned out sour anyways.I dnt celebrate Val anymore...i'd rather be in church with le boo or stay @ home.

    Its purpose has bin bastardised by many...Youngsters nw see it as an avenue to get laid...tufiakwa.

    Those days in school, a school mate in Uni got raped on Val's day...can't deal menh

  3. Hahahahahahahahahah, may your expect never be cut short. Kikikikikikik

  4. Chai serious gobe...:eheheheeheheh over expectation. Hope you dint throw the peak milk away?lol

    Well I always look forward to the whole Val paparazzi way back high school and how those guys would buy teddybear for their babes. Its really a show of gifts oooo!!!!

    If you have a boo and you didn't get anything, what a shame!!!

  5. Lol, nice storyy! Never had a special val experience nd don't fink I will ds year *sigh*

  6. Hahaha, heyaaa, that guy stingy o, even if you are a friend, na 20 Naira He wan use appreciate you? I tire o

  7. Hehehe kpele oh but #20 peak milk smh, did you tell him u wanted to drink milk lol..nice piece


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