Sunday, 11 January 2015

GUEST POST: Should i kneel or not?

A blog reader sent this mail to me and i decided to share with you all:
"Hello Pam, kindly help me out on this issue bugging me. I’m in my mid 30’s and in a relationship with this most incredible and lovely lady. We have been dating for more than a year and truth be told ‘she is the one’. Now here is the dilemma. She drops hints about a quiet and romantic proposal night with full moon, red roses, with me kneeling to propose, gazing into her eyes and the whole blah blah blah.
Yes, I do love Hollywood movies and the scene looks sweet and comical.  But I’m still not sure about the whole kneeling thing. Must i kneel? Is kneeling compulsory? If yes, when did it start? Cos I can’t remember my dad saying he knelt. If no, why make it our culture?
I have made salient cynic replies about not kneeling and she always replies with “haven’t you heard of the girl saying NO to an inappropriate proposal?” I do love this girl but should I still go on begging for a non-kneeling proposal, or just kneel and get it over with? (Grinning as I imagine self-kneeling)."
(Clears throat) Please dear friends, how do you think a man should propose? Let us help this kind gentleman by sharing our thoughts on the comment section. So how do you think a man should propose? As for me, I’m team kneeling. I’ll forever be team kneeling (winks).


  1. well, it would depend on what you want, as well as what she wants. Kneeling is not a must, its just something that we have been taught to expect from a guy proposing to a girl.
    I personally would love the girl to propose to me just so we can be unconventional.
    So just do you and go with the flow

    BTW, I used to blog at

  2. Thanks alot for your input. will check ur blog out now.

  3. He e should just kneel and get it over with.

  4. I'm also in ur shoes. I guess i'll just kneel.

  5. for it is it's somtin personal if u truly luv and respect dat person i dont see any big deal on kneeing down for dat special som1 to complete dat missing link in ur life.


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