Saturday, 17 January 2015


Some of us can't recall our first date. Be it memorable, disastrous, pathetic or romantic. As for me, I don’t need to think too hard to recall my first date.
This happened years back, when I was still in the higher institution, was barely a newbie then. Obi was a very nice guy, and prior to the date very polite gentleman.

On the said day, he came to pick me up and we left together with the butterflies in my tummy. We arrived at the most tushed restaurant I've ever seen, and as we stepped into the place my eyes popped out of it's socket and I mentally calculated the amount of money that will be spent there (would cook a correct pot of soup with enough change sef). No blame me oo, na student mentality be that especially when levels no dey at all.
He pulled out a chair for me to sit, before he sat down (hmm, perfect gentleman. I was already seeing us saying ‘I DO’). I opted for what I’m comfortable with which was rice and goat meal peppersoup, to avoid purging things later.
We made small talks as we waited for our orders, while having a bottle of wine. I can’t really say if it was the wine or over-zealousness or the fact that I was sitting in front of my crush, but while I reached for my drink, the full cup slipped from my hand and straight to my yellow gown (I knew the idea of wearing a yellow gown was a bad one). I can see it all happen in slow motion all over again, me laughing and then reaching out for the red wine and it slipping from my hand.

As if that wasn’t enough, with the shame and embarrassment of having to sit and eat in a stained and wet dress, there was this continuous decoration of soup spill on my gown. I looked so awful, couldn’t look at the guy cos I was so embarrassed, I prayed for the evening to end. I finally came to the conclusion that my village people were trying to ruin my date (Lol).

We finished the dinner in silence, though he tried making small talks but I was having none of that. Immediately we finished, I flew out of the restaurant with the speed of light not minding the looks I was getting, hailed a cab and left without even saying goodbye to Obi. That was the last time I saw him cos I made it a point of duty never to see him again because i was too embarrassed to face him. Hmmm, that was how i missed that cool guy oo. 
Feel free to share yours too. Need a good laugh. Cheers.


  1. Now why would you punish Obi for what you did?

  2. Ehmm, I was so enbarrased. Chiai! It was too much, I couldn't face him

  3. oo that's not nice at all p u bad

  4. Ehmm, no mind me oo, blame it on the shame. (covers face)

  5. I love your blog already,proper Osu geh!
    My 1st date???can I remember any?
    I had lot of dates...

  6. Aww, thanks dear. Going tru yours already.


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