Friday, 9 January 2015

The Social Media Era.

I was surfing the net yesterday night and then came across what a popular Nigerian actress/producer wrote to her fans. She was actually seeking their opinion on whether or not to have another child (the forth child), d comments I read made me laugh my head off. I wasn't shocked though cos we are presently in that era whereby privacy no longer exist. The social media have now become many people's cloth-line where they hang both their public and private linen. They now put up private issues that should remain between them and their spouses. There was another scenario where the wife of a former Nigerian football player posted a private chat shared between she and the husband on the social media. Wow! Nothing is secret anymore. Sometimes I just wonder if their spouses really agree to all these. People now throw shades at each other on social media, showing their dirty linens publicly. Plsooo, don't get me all wrong, I'm not hating biko. I guess I'm that kind of girl who feels that things meant for the bedroom should remain in the bedroom and not outside for all eyes to see. Come to think of it, during the pre-internet days, life was even better and easier. Atleast, our parents made decisions on their own. Public poll via the social media never played a part in their decision making. There was this "mind you own business" attitude. Marriages were managed well, relationships were stronger, without the world knowing how your bedroom looks like. I'm not saying it was perfect, but It was close(I think). Anywayz, that's my own opinion. Feel free to share your own opinion on this issue. Cheers!


  1. Nice piece...please write more(& more ink 2 your pen).

  2. Life is a lot better now

    *that igbo girl

  3. No worry,wen I hammer,I go put am for twitter n una go see am too

  4. No worry,wen I hammer,I go put am for twitter n una go see am too

  5. Lol! U go hammer dear. Na sure thing

  6. Any way, bed room talk needs not to be reviewed. I call it bed room talk because such ought to have been managed well privately by both spouses and not to throw open the adhoc decision to the public to air their views. It's really unacceptable. I know that some of us will call it celebrity.


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