Monday, 12 January 2015

How long, January?

Has anyone ever wondered how long January usually is? To me it’s the longest month of the year. It drags on as I keep staring at the calendar to check on the date and then gasp “only the 12th?” Seems like eons ago that we welcomed the New Year. How can 31 days seem so long?
To many of you, (yours truly included), we have to wait for the last week of the month before we get our monthly pay-check. And oh boy, when it comes, the chime of my message tone sends me flying (not running only) to check my phone if my account has been credited, and heaven help me if it’s one of MTN’s annoying messages cos I’ll have to hold myself from raining abuses on them (mtchww).
In irony, December passes so swiftly with all the festivity that comes with it, while January crawls like a snail. Many of us had traveled, borrowed, spent and even over-spent during the yuletide period and then find ourselves in the position of date-checking in January. Those either working in the private or public sector know the feeling that comes when you can’t wait for the month (January) to wind itself up.
I’m still not convinced that January has 31 days; it should be times two of that. The days seem so hard and the nights so long and cold. Anyway, till we see those magic words that our account balance has been credited, we work and wait, but please January don’t tarry.
Kindly pardon me as i digress a bit cos i seriously need to handle this harmattan issue. This is the first time that I’m experiencing this strong wave of harmattan since my 6-years stay in Lagos. Truly, this weather is indeed not for kids. Dear harmattan what is it sef? You have shown your power and we have seen it, kindly go back to where you are coming from. Stop adding to our mystery. Enough biko.


  1. judicious osiagugor12 January 2015 at 20:21

    I be like sey u don over broke that is y u dey calculate January.about harmattan,just leave it,it is for tangling tinz

  2. Lol. I have money so I don't care

    *that igbo girl

  3. Mr judicious, dis harmattan is too much ooo, not healthy 4 single pple like us oo. As 4 january, hmmm, diaris God oooo

  4. @Bimbo, u r really lucky. Abeg, lend us some of dat money ooo

  5. lol. nice piece bebe. mehnn today harmattan baaad i was just shaking like torotoro wey dem pour water

  6. pple complaint of common hamattan when snow dey na wa o

  7. pple complaint of common hamattan when snow dey na wa o


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