Friday, 23 January 2015

Love, don't hate.

There is indeed a thin line between Love and Hate. When someone is in-love, you seem to be flying without wings. So many butter-flies in your tommy especially when you both are together. But the reverse is the case when you eventually find yourself in-hate with that same person. You seem to forget all those beautiful things you both shared together, those wonderful moments, those butterflies. The sight of that wonderful fellow you couldn't wait to see/be with before, begins to disgust you.

To some, that's the perfect time for revenge. I've not been in that situation before, and I pray not to be cos it's not worth my precious time and energy.
Yes, I've been hurt badly before, but I never allow it get to hate. I just think that whatever the situation that made your love-life go sour, you should just learn to forgive and let go.

This life is too short to carry such heavy load(hate) around you, don't waste your time getting bitter. You should let bygone be bygone. There are better things to do with that beautiful heart of yours than to allow hatred take over.

 Let love in and hate out. Don't get it twisted, Love is a beautiful thing. It is light, it brightens everywhere. Let us allow it reign in our hearts, home, world. Love is you and I. Love you guyz! Cheers!


  1. During my single days,I hardly hate the people I love,but the people I love eventually hate me.which is always hard for one to bear.i later find out that it's Not worth the emotions and stress,if a person hates you for no reason that means they never loved you.they were only infatuated.

  2. Awwww It's a terrible feeling when you love someone but aint loved back.It hurts so bad and you see yourself struggling so hard with the relationship....

    Now I just wanna be loved while I give a fair share back.

    Nice Blog Pamela

  3. Uchenwa Silas Nnanta24 January 2015 at 12:57

    Love is a two sided game. Either you love someone and get love in return or you show love to someone and in turn receive hatred, and vice versa.
    I, as a person never love some that do love me, though the reasons best known to me, and on the other hand, people that I pour my love to never value the true love threw at them.
    So, in love either your affection is been recognized, patronized and cherished or it's been ignored!



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