Saturday, 10 January 2015

Those Letter Days.

 I watched a music video a couple of days ago. The song, featuring Tosin Martins and Waje, addresses how back in the days lovers were made to earnestly articulate their feelings to one another on a piece of paper as it was the only means of communication to their significant other, miles away. Alas, those days are now in the past because what letters internally conveyed then, buttons on a keypad can now.
As I watched, I had a momentarily flashback to my first love letter (una ears don dey stand abi. I be gal nah.). It was in my junior year, from a boy in my class who was too shy to even hand over the letter to me himself; he had to use an intermediary (smiles). To cut the long story short, the whole thing didn't last a full term. It fizzled out in two weeks or so, despite the gifts and lunch money I received from him.
Anyways, I remember those years of writing and reading letters. We had to stay up late at night writing letters to cousins we haven’t seen in ages. Daddy reminding us that he will be traveling early so we need to write our letters a day before he leaves. Oh boy! We racked our brains to make pleasantries. Who remembers the phrases like ‘with my golden pen of love i write....’, also ‘from a fountain of love and river of kindness i write....’. Hmmm, we were so young and innocent.
I had my own share of letters, rarely wrote, but was given a lot (grins).
Presently, letter writing is fading away gradually. Old fashioned stuffs like love letter rarely exist. Girls aren’t wooed like before and the guys aren’t courteous as then.
Remember when you had to smuggle a love letter into the house and read it in the toilet or hide in the room, and then smile like you won ‘baba ijebu’ (i remember hiding in the toilet so mum won’t catch me. winks). Remember when girls use to dwindle their foot in the sand and say ‘let me think about it’ (as if they do. lol). How love letters were read over and over again evoking love and emotions as if the person was saying it out loud to you. How they were saved so carefully so as to go back to it.
Now, SMS, calls, facebook messages, etc, have taken over the old fashioned letters. I really enjoyed those days of letter writing. Who misses it? Cos I do.


  1. I do too,y write wen u can call?

  2. Love Letter writing was romantic n sincere. Gals now don't care abt romance. Its all abt d benjamins now. Write a page full of love letters to a gal n she will still walk out asking "na letter I go chop"?

  3. Love letters...I got a fair share of them

    *that igbo girl

  4. That's why some women after the damages of those days love letters under mismanagement of real love are coursing those days of love letters.
    However, people of those days write sound and speaks better English comparing the facebook age of codes. And that's why mass failures are being recorded in the present days exams and vice versa.

  5. The emergence of social networking such bbm pinging,facebook chat,2go,viber,whatsapp messenger,twitter,and so much more have made love letter writing archaic.
    I remember clearly the first love letter I wrote to my then would be damsel friend.the experience was funny as my little courier boy was seized for 3 hours by the father of the girl....not worry I will tell you more of that gist later. those that came from that generation of writing love letters have a wide edge over this pinging generation talking about sound letter writing,hard working and sound english speaking.the cognitive domain of that era of love letter writing is active.


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