Tuesday, 20 January 2015

When NO really means NO.

There has been this trending issue going on with men these days. I happen to know some of these things because of the male friends i have and the uncountable experiences I've got too.

Now, what angers me is this idea that they have about women. They seem to misinterpret our 'NO' for 'YES'.  I quote "when a woman says NO, don't mind her, all na effizy, she means YES." (say what?) I wonder who must have come up with such an ugly idea.

That we are termed 'weaker vessels' shouldn't make you take us for-granted. Yes, agreed, some ladies may say NO to you so that you'll press on, before they finally agree. But because 'A' did such shouldn't automatically mean that all girls are the same. Learn to respect her wishes. If she says NO, respect that biko.

So, to that guy that always waits for me at the entrance of my street, STOP waiting (since you've turned to a time-keeper). My NO still stands. Stop giving yourself false hope that I'll someday agree to all your 'blabs' (rolls eyes). NO, I wont date you, i don't have romantic feelings for you. NO, I wont jump on your bed(arghh). I'm saying NO to your sexual advances. And YES, I'll carry on with my threat of a good targeted knee to your itching groin, atleast that will solve your horniness. (flips my dada and bounces away).


  1. You can't blame a brother for trying(winks)

  2. Lolz. D brother should just look for go for a lady that will give him a straight Yes!

  3. Hahahahahah!this geh dey vex sha.dont mind those skinny guys jawe.

  4. U gat it. Skinny guyz indeed. Lolz

  5. Na so you go take your attitude chase "Mr. Right" away. Better be careful & calm for the lover boy. You really never can tell...he could be ur future husband. Don't be so rigid. Biko.


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