Saturday, 24 January 2015

Excuse me, Can i have my nose back please?

I was in a bus going back home yesterday and sitting close to me was this really good-looking guy. I'm sure from afar i would have tripped for this guy, but the reverse was the case cos his body odour can make you give your life to Christ. OMG, i literally died, went to heaven and back sitting close to this guy in that horrorful two hours traffic (guy man fall my hand big time.) On a normal day i would have endured being stuck in traffic, by the way its a normal thing in Lagos, but this time around, i couldnt, thanks to dear broz.

Sighting a pretty gal like me (hehehehe, i fine small shaa. If i don't praise myself, who will?), he tried engaging in a conversation to while away time but i was not having any of it. I was just behaving like a dumb person cos i dare not open my mouth in response or even look his way. I kept on struggling for fresh air, with my nose outside the window only to inhale car-pollutions too (Father save me).
So i was stuck between inhaling pollutions from the vehicles and the body odour for Africa coming from this wonderful broz. I was stuck between the devil and the deep blue see. Hmm, i chose the vehicle pollutions oo, that was far more better than the other.

Finally God answered my prayer and i got down from the bus, though he asked for my contact for further hook-ups but i quietly declined and walked away.
Now i ask, why should an adult have body odour? Is it as a result of ignorance or pure neglect?
Body-odour or not, i started using roll-on and body sprays way back in Jss2, and I'm still using it 15 years later. There shouldn't be an excuse for this odour cos there are cheaper body sprays ranging from 150naira upwards. So you only have to buy the one you can afford.

Body odour sometimes affects ones self-confidence. If you are conscious enough to perceive the awful smell coming from your body, you seem to loose yourself, cos you'll feel that other people can also perceive that smell.
Shave your armpits and other shave-able areas more. When its bushy it becomes sweaty, and the next thing is the odour.
Bath atleast two times a day. Apply your roll-on or body spray immediately after bath and feel refreshed all day.

Please if you have anybody close to you that has body-odour, biko save that person. You can even buy for them, they aint expensive at all. I really wish i had told that broz about this but again, i don't want someone to take it the wrong way. Maybe someone more courageous than i was will tell him.
Let us all fight against body odour so that the things we inhale in this Lagos will reduce biko. Smell good, feel good dear.

Sorry about the long write-up, i talk am as e dey me for mind, so manage am like that. I'm out. winks.


  1. Uhhhh dear God!!! I can almost picture this scene happening!!....nice blog Mami...

    1. You really need to be there. Wasnt funny at all. lol

  2. Lmao sorry ooooo. It must have been so bad. Hian I can't stand that ish and it's so bad that people are not conscious of how their body or mouth smell. But really it might have been heat due to the prolonged traffic lol‎

  3. Chai!o can just imagine,hian,I hate odour like mad,body odour,mouth odour,p**sy odour,gosh I can't stand it.i love smelling good. Apart from my perfumes and body spray in my bedroom,I also have a bath spray which I add to water anytime I wanna bath. I even avoid them like plaque cos it irritates my nose when I perceive bad odour.

    1. I believe it is good to use those deoderants and other things you mentioned, but remember they are chemicals.

  4. Thank GOD you sat close to the window(lol).

  5. Thats one of the wonderful experience we do have. Lol. Agbara

  6. Hahahahahaha, can't stop laughing. Some people can smell no be small. Thank God you eventually got yourself out of that irritating, smelly, odour.


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